Monday, 20 December 2010

Christmas at Auntie's

Back in Time...

Christmas early Sixties we are all booked for the coach to London to enjoy a Christmas at Auntie's. All piled onto the Coach from Sunderland to Victoria Coach station., And what a journey those days 12 hours in all. That's before the motorway's , they took the minor roads all the way. Pulling up in the station for the long awaited arrival and the excitement seeing Auntie again. Picked up in a fine looking back shiny car, not sure what make is was. As we drove through North London the Christmas trees stood tall all lined up outside all the big buildings they were just beautiful. Twinkling bright coloured lights, as it was dark by this time, a sight I shall never forget.

We reached our destination but not before shouting and pointing out all the trees lit up in the houses, all the way there. Having not seen anything quite like this before well not on this scale. To us it was truly amazing , as we entered Auntie's house she had a beautiful big tree right inside the bay window. This was going to be a Christmas we would never forget, let the fun begin we were all ready.