Thursday, 24 May 2012

Those Magpies ....

We have two younger's here in the garden , I can tell they are young as they have no tails. I think this is one bird that I don't really care for , especially this time of year. They stay together and seek out nice nest's , need I say more. You can always tell when they are on the prowl , by that high pitched noise they make. 
These species are widespread not only in Europe but also in Asia and North America.
Their diet consists of mice, field mice, insect's , as well as berries and seeds. Well enough said on these birds. 
The weather here  is set  to be warm and Sunny for the rest of the week. Giving me plenty of dry weather to get the garden tidied up , here and there. Oh and yes the Bungalow is being painted white on the outside this week. So two hard working local guy's highly recommended have started this week. They turn up 8 30am prompt every morning, and finish at 5pm. It's looking good , I will take a few pictures when it's completed. I have just to mention this , they are two retired Firemen....
Well I hope this finds you all well and hope you all have a Lovely week. Just have to do a bit of catching up to see  what you've all been up to. As you can see the Rhodies are almost in full bloom now. Adding a bit of colour happy to say.