Sunday, 14 September 2014


brings  chillier evenings and cool morning' s. But days here are still very pleasant ,  
Looking over to Dartmoor on a misty morning , from my kitchen window. Is  Quite Lovely.

It was lovely when I had Lucy  stay in the posh dog kennels this year. This gorgeous  Great Dane was next door in the large running pen.  What a fine fellow he is a youngster at about 4 years old. This picture tells it all. 
When I visit my sister this is where Lucy stays , it's a  really lovely place. Wouldn't put her anywhere else. 

It has indeed been a beautiful Summer this year so lots of garden adventures for the her  . Lucy is very good as long as she has a ball  in her mouth she's as good as gold. 

Quite a few rabbits here , they tend to come out early evening well 3 to be exact. The garden is big enough so they don't nosh on my flower bed. By then Lucy is inside the house ha! 

The Cob nut tree is doing even better this year , picked quite a few bowls . Apples doing well with  three or four different varieties.
So have baked apple crumble and Pie , lovely. 
Fresh cream or custard anyone? 

Have a good week and enjoy everyday. Just catching up on your posts. Bye for now.