Sunday, 26 May 2013

Beautiful Day little Visitor's

Welcome Sunshine  such bliss so after doing a little light Gardening grabbed the garden chair and took a rest. Oh he certainly Caught my Eye peeking over the top of the hedge . Quite high for a sitting duck as they say.  
Swallows are few I might add , but two pair are nesting in the old Barn . 

By the Pond there is a nasty pink prickly Bush leaning over , as if to peering into the pond.  But after close inspection it's buzzing with Bumble Bees, what a delight. So it has indeed got it's uses. :) 

That made my Day .. it's been a quiet peaceful day here . With quite a bit of activity with the Wildlife. Early this Morning I got a Glimpse of the Woodpecker ,  taking nuts from the feeder. He disappeared up the tree , I'm wondering if they are maybe nesting in there. 

Enjoy your Holiday Weekend and the coming Week. 
Stay Happy