Sunday, 25 January 2015

Chilly here , well it is Winter..

I love the Frost far better than all that rain we've had here of late. ..Blue skies and very cold. 
Above is the  new Patio , you can see part of it. The strange  little tree in the top center , is a Christmas tree which is 5 years old and has never been brought back  indoors. Doing well by all accounts. I decided to place lights on it , as it has pride of place. 
There will be a lot of work to do out there come March or so.
Am I looking forward to it, well not really with my sore hip. Will just have to look and maybe think about it ha! 

Meeting up with my dear Lady friend she is 95 years old this year. She is lucky really as she still gets out and about. But she does need an arm to hang on to. Having two daughter's is a blessing , so I am sure she glad of that. 

That's it for now a flying visit and just to say Hello. Enjoy your Week.