Tuesday, 18 December 2012

A Few Years Ago

Well another Birthday has passed and I was sent a Beautiful Christmas Cacti ..My dearest friend from  
Outer London , she sends me a gorgeous Plant or Flowers every year. Two  weeks ago and is now just beginning to open her buds. 
I think it's the best thing ever to receive a lovely colourful plant, especially this time of year. 

Well where has the YEAR gone, has it gone by too quickly for you also. 
A lot of things have happened this Year which in turn hasn't been a good one .
For me I lost my darling Greyhound (Brindle) , and the Summer seemed to fade into insignificance.

I came across the above Header and there he was his little paw prints in the Snow. 
Our little walks around the Garden , indeed left its mark , it made me smile today.

It's a cold and damp Day here today , but the rain at least has held off.
Looks to be more rain heading our way though.
Enjoy your Week .

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Bright and Sunny

With a hard Frost last night , it was Lovely to see a clear blue sky for a change. The garden looks so pretty , and with a layer of ice on the Pond . 
The most relaxing place to be to get away from the hustle and the bustle. I should sell tickets LOL .
Christmas is just around the corner , and I'm thinking of that roast Turkey already with all it's trimmings. My Birthday just recently gone I enjoyed a few long chat's with my family. Another year older my oh my doesn't time fly. 
Most of all I was happy to hear my Brother  is feeling a lot better , after a nasty bout of Shingles. Poor soul he has suffered badly for 3 months, I didn't realise it went on so Long. 
So it was good to hear him having a little Laugh again. 

Off to the Kitchen on this lovely cold chilly afternoon , to gaze across the Moors (Dartmoor) 
While I rustle up a hot meal to pop in the Oven , consisting of Chicken Skinned breast's and Butter beans, Tinned Tomatoes....Yum.

Wishing you well and Good health