Monday, 25 August 2014

Meeting up for Coffee....

As my friend wasn't feeling too good of late she rang to tell me she couldn't make it for our Lunch out. But to pop over for a coffee and a chat very soon. This is the Lady that is 94 years old . I met her 12 years ago working in a charity shop. We hit it off very quickly..and soon found out we had a lot in common. 
So we had coffee and homemade drizzle cake , we laughed and had a hearty chat.  She said as much as I love my family , she has two daughter's. It's so good to chat to to someone other than family, at times. 

August has been a wash out dull and wet day's , so just before the gloomy forecast I took a picture of my Red Hot Pokers. As you can see they are doing really great this year. 

Back in June I found a box of flower seeds , mostly out of date. 
I picked out the Marigolds , and scattered them over my front patch just under the Window., Just literally threw them  there and walked off. Well here are  the results ..

Never give up :) 

Off to catch up on your posts now , have a great week. 

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

It's Wonderful

When you come across something in the garden , you haven't seen before. Here it is one the Wild Rose Bush  any ideas. 

I had a dance around the Kitchen this Morning . No I haven't gone Loopy or anything. A fly or so I thought flew past me , and I felt a tickle near my neck. So I brushed him away ......
but it wasn't the fly that made me dance..It was a huge house Spider must have been sitting on my shoulder. 
Well you can imagine Aghhhhhhhhhh!  
I swept him to the floor and he scurried off . It left me quite jumpy this Morning .

We have had heavy rain here over the Weekend . But the worst of it hit the East side of the Country. Bringing down a huge Tree in one town, no one was hurt. 

Thinking of Beth right now and hoping and Praying all goes well for her, sending her positive thoughts. 

Bye for Now ..