Thursday, 25 November 2010

Snow flurries

Snow flurries today and first thing this Morning the sun was gleaming through the window. That's such a good feeling , it wasn't too cold first thing but has got colder this afternoon. At times such as this I head for the kitchen ,oh go on then have a slice if you dare. Slimming well I did promise myself to go easy but I am such a weak morsel. Well when it comes to chocolate cake covered in Mars bars melted and gently spread over. Crikey...
I picked some Holly from the garden as I see the birds have been eating them at the top of the tree. There's something about Holly that gets you in the Christmas mood. Having said that I was shopping in a large store about the end of October, and guess what they were playing Christmas songs. A tad too early I think , could be to try and get people in the mood to buy., not so good for the staff working there though all day long.
I filled the bird feeders with food this morning what a joy, and I even caught a glimpse of a Woodpecker. He was pretty quick though lovely colours black white and a red bit on his back, which I do believe is a male.
Take care keep warm its going to get colder brrrr , enjoy your day.

Friday, 5 November 2010

Great Auntie

I remember my Auntie with fond memories what a Lady she was. This being my fathers auntie Hilda , so being my favourite Great Auntie. She was a lady with a big heart , they lived in North London and as you know I lived in the Northeast of Eng at this memorable time. Auntie used to visit us on many occasions no matter what the weather, travelling by train from Kings Cross. Her London accent would turn heads as this was an different tone with a slightly higher pitch. Which sounded quite unfamilar in the North East Eng.Her fashion sense was rather flamboyant with her beautiful swinging coats , in a bright colour yellow. I know sounds awful but this lady always manged to look so elegant. Her powdered face and slight red lipstick I will always remember, and that smell of powder. She adored hats and was always wearing a lovely little hat upon that lovely curly haired head.
We would often use a double Decker bus to take us off to town, and these would often confuse her. As she on one occasion mistook the back of the bus for the rear entrance. Auntie we shouted where are you going , o err and she would promptly turn round with her coat swinging with her. As she boarded the bus the passengers would be in fits of laughter. When she spoke in her accent they were completely transfixed by her. Memory's ,these I shall never forget and my wonderful Auntie.