Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Early Morning Chorus..

Well  you probably think it's that Lovely sound of the Blackbird or maybe a Song thrush..well maybe but not this Morning.
Eawww  Eawww ! still not sure .
Well it's my neighbour over the fence, which is now blocked out with summer growth and trees. It's about 6am and I think he is out in the field . His name is Elvis he is a lovely white and quite a noisy little chappie .. Elvis is of course a Donkey. 

It's been a wet start to the week , so the garden got a long awaited downpour. The Roses have faded now 
always sad to see them go. 

Wildflowers are still going in the front garden.
Next is the Butterfly Bush , with it's lovely shade of lilac or purple.

Yesterday I had a lovely lunch with my dear friend. It was sunshine and showers , and quite warm. We had a good chat , laugh and both enjoyed a Jacket Potato with cheese and beans, and a side salad. 
Remembering me telling you , she is 92 years old and looks 

Bye for now and hope you enjoy your week. 

Saturday, 13 July 2013

Hottest Day Of The Year ..

it has indeed  phew! I am incapable of doing absolutely nothing well almost.  I have just watered my hanging baskets and my other potted plants. I have prepared a light salad of grilled bacon, stilton cheese  lettuce , rocket and coleslaw served in a bowl . I would like to call it Sheila's Special salad. So come on over , oh and served with a Ice Cool beer..

Here's a few of my Flowers in the Garden at the Moment, the Roses are doing just Great this Summer.

Bye for now 
Enjoy the Weekend