Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Wile-e's Day through his eye's ....

There is something about this new blanket I like, a good old ruffle up a bit of a chew maybe . Yes That's better , hope no one is watching ooops!! there's  mum with the camera. Out of all three beds this has got to be my favourite, so warm, oh and it doesn't seem to tear either. I remember when I pulled out all the stuffing in one of my beds, mum was not amused. My walk this morning was quite enjoyable but I must say very cold, but at least it wasn't raining, just don't like the stuff. Mum put on my wool coat oh what bliss and I feel so snazzy in it to. Off we trotted and guess what no sign of my little white terrier friend oh drat!! I did so want to make an impression but alas she was no where to be seen. 
Well off for a nap now , I think I heard her something about cakes?mmm sounds interesting. So me thinks I will go in the kitchen and do a bit of tidying , mum always manages to drop some on the floor.Lucky for me woof woof!!
Have a good day everyone and stay warm :)