Monday, 9 September 2013

These little guys where the only new arrivals here on the Pond top of my garden. Mum well I don't have to tell you which one that is.

What a Wonderful Summer we've had this year . August I was kept busy in the Garden as per usual , but also relaxing out there . 

I've had a few Lunches with my lady friend she's 93 . Her husband has been in and out of Hospital and now is back in the care home. She said he just isn't happy there , would rather be home I guess. That was tried but he had a fall during the early hours , and was taken into to hospital. I think he was there for quite a while , until a care home was found for him. But alas he's just not very happy at all , which in turn makes her unhappy to. 

Blackberry picking last week and a few apples from the Orchid.
Happy to say I made a apple and blackberry crumble. Served with  Cream or custard which do you prefer ..

A few weeks ago a few friends dropped by for a cuppa and we had a chat up by the Pond .So very relaxing just watching the fish and ducks swimming around, sitting on the bench.I must  admit as much as I love the seasons , wish they could last a bit longer summer seems to fly by. 

Well enjoy your coming week , the suns shining as present so I'm off outside. :)