Wednesday, 29 October 2014

The Joy of Indoor Cacti , oh and Lucy...

These are my indoor flowers at present
The White Gardener is the hardest flower to keep going, the right temperature , light and water. It was given to me for my Birthday two years ago, and have struggles to keep it happy. The fragrance is so sweet and I breath on it lightly to help it along it's way. The 3rd picture down.

The top Cacti blooms for 48 hours only and is so beautiful when it does.

I have had the Pink Cacti a number of years and is just starting to Bloom. So each day it is lovely to see a fresh flower there.

Lucy what a lovely Honk you have , looking sooo relaxed Ha.

It's a rather Dull day here slight drizzle in the air , and getting darker by the minute.
My red begonia is still doing well in the hanging basket. Also my winter pansies hanging baskets are doing well. It's good to see some flowers this time of year.

Enjoy your week need to catch up now and have a lovely day.

Sunday, 14 September 2014


brings  chillier evenings and cool morning' s. But days here are still very pleasant ,  
Looking over to Dartmoor on a misty morning , from my kitchen window. Is  Quite Lovely.

It was lovely when I had Lucy  stay in the posh dog kennels this year. This gorgeous  Great Dane was next door in the large running pen.  What a fine fellow he is a youngster at about 4 years old. This picture tells it all. 
When I visit my sister this is where Lucy stays , it's a  really lovely place. Wouldn't put her anywhere else. 

It has indeed been a beautiful Summer this year so lots of garden adventures for the her  . Lucy is very good as long as she has a ball  in her mouth she's as good as gold. 

Quite a few rabbits here , they tend to come out early evening well 3 to be exact. The garden is big enough so they don't nosh on my flower bed. By then Lucy is inside the house ha! 

The Cob nut tree is doing even better this year , picked quite a few bowls . Apples doing well with  three or four different varieties.
So have baked apple crumble and Pie , lovely. 
Fresh cream or custard anyone? 

Have a good week and enjoy everyday. Just catching up on your posts. Bye for now.

Monday, 25 August 2014

Meeting up for Coffee....

As my friend wasn't feeling too good of late she rang to tell me she couldn't make it for our Lunch out. But to pop over for a coffee and a chat very soon. This is the Lady that is 94 years old . I met her 12 years ago working in a charity shop. We hit it off very quickly..and soon found out we had a lot in common. 
So we had coffee and homemade drizzle cake , we laughed and had a hearty chat.  She said as much as I love my family , she has two daughter's. It's so good to chat to to someone other than family, at times. 

August has been a wash out dull and wet day's , so just before the gloomy forecast I took a picture of my Red Hot Pokers. As you can see they are doing really great this year. 

Back in June I found a box of flower seeds , mostly out of date. 
I picked out the Marigolds , and scattered them over my front patch just under the Window., Just literally threw them  there and walked off. Well here are  the results ..

Never give up :) 

Off to catch up on your posts now , have a great week. 

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

It's Wonderful

When you come across something in the garden , you haven't seen before. Here it is one the Wild Rose Bush  any ideas. 

I had a dance around the Kitchen this Morning . No I haven't gone Loopy or anything. A fly or so I thought flew past me , and I felt a tickle near my neck. So I brushed him away ......
but it wasn't the fly that made me dance..It was a huge house Spider must have been sitting on my shoulder. 
Well you can imagine Aghhhhhhhhhh!  
I swept him to the floor and he scurried off . It left me quite jumpy this Morning .

We have had heavy rain here over the Weekend . But the worst of it hit the East side of the Country. Bringing down a huge Tree in one town, no one was hurt. 

Thinking of Beth right now and hoping and Praying all goes well for her, sending her positive thoughts. 

Bye for Now ..

Monday, 14 July 2014

June has passed

and what a fine a sunny one one it has been. 

 Strawberry Fields this is the Restaurant my friend I go once every 4 weeks. 
 My new garden chair , with Lucy enjoying a day in the garden with her Ball.
 That dear little Tree stump , after The Fir Tree was cut down.

Ice-Berg Roses so very hardy , hence the name. 

It's been awhile since my last post. I had a visit from my sister , in fact I took her to that Restaurant she loved it. Fresh produce which is grown on the farm, it has a  very good reputation. Roast Lamb and roast potatoes and fresh veg. 
I do hope July continues to Shine just like June, but at the moment it's overcast. But we just have to accept that, and  enjoy each day as it comes.
Must catch up now reading your posts. 
Bye for now..

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Some of my flowers especially the Roses.....

are doing just fine and I think also some wild roses have done well to. Weather wise it's been a bit on and off as far as Sunshine is concerned. But I'm not complaining far from it, it's just so good taking in that early morning fresh warmish air. The stillness and the sound of the morning choir's , The birds flitting around my feeders . I don't know who said it but there is a saying.. Just take time to smell the flowers.
Here are just a few .

It's been awhile since my last posting , sometimes I just don't know where the time goes. Busy with every day things , it's nice just to sit outside in that garden and smell the Roses.
But I have been catching up and reading my Blogger friends. That alone gives me great pleasure and just have to say thank you.
Enjoy the rest of your week.

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

The Trees Are Blooming

Love this time of year when everything springs back into Life.

Sad to hear some of my Friends have had Snow across the Pond, how strange is that. 

I have had a wonderful week, a visit from my sister . A few days eating out , shopping , and the Cherry  Blossom Trees are a sight to see, in the local  Park. The park was full of children playing, being school out for the Easter  break. Smashing day out all round. 
Sunshine brings out the best in us all. 

Hope you all had a lovely Easter break with your family or friends, time to snap some more pictures out there.Take care catch you later, think I have a bit of catching up to do. Bye..

Saturday, 29 March 2014

Spring Time '

Well I think just about everyone looks forward to Spring. Especially the first signs of the Daffodils and Snowdrops. 
A few weeks ago one of the Fir Trees had to be cut down. It was down to it obstructing the power lines . Gosh I miss that tree , although she did have a slight tilt. Piles of Logs for an open fire, if you may wish. My neighbors where delighted when I said you may help yourselves. In return they gave me a few bottles of Wine. 

How's the Wild life here in the garden, not an awful going on. I think we tend to forget from year to year. Maybe it is a quiet time for them feeding and seeking out a mate. They know when the time is ready. At least the 2 Acres here are there for the taking , and the wildlife can help themselves. 

At least there is a bit of color coming in to the garden now. 

It's quite dreary out there at the moment..But the South East of England are having 20c  quite a sunny day and warm. 
Maybe it will make it way over here to the South West. 
Enjoy your Weekend 

Saturday, 1 February 2014

His little feet scurried ..

across the road as fast as they could carry him. I was on my way to do a bit of shopping , and noticed there was no traffic behind me. I gently braked letting him reach the other side of the road. It was indeed a murky day and drizzled most of the morning. 
Wednesday is Market Day in town though only small you can pick up a bargain or two. I bought an Indian cook book and a pretty pack of notelets..I still put pen to paper now and then, especially to my friend in London. We have been writing since I moved away 15 years ago. But we never fail to keep in touch , in the good old fashion way. 
Before my cup of coffee in my favourite bar , I had a quick check up appointment at the dentist. All clear glad to say and no hefty bill.
 Parched I was ready for that coffee , and sitting in the window view area I manged to get my favourite seat. I just love watching the World go by , and people watching. I find it very relaxing and sometimes it can be very interesting. 
Take the day ..a dear old lady was at the crossing and about to cross. But as she did so she dropped her plastic shopping bag. Not realising she carried on. The traffic lights were still blinking , but the front driver stopped and got out of his car. He retrieved the shopping bag (he held up his hand to the waiting traffic) and gave it to her. In he got and the traffic patiently waited, well I thought isn't that just dandy! 
It's still raining here right now with hail stone flurries. Dark one minute and then it lightens up. 
It is nice to catch up and have been away far too long.
Wishing you well and enjoy the remaining weekend.