Saturday, 1 February 2014

His little feet scurried ..

across the road as fast as they could carry him. I was on my way to do a bit of shopping , and noticed there was no traffic behind me. I gently braked letting him reach the other side of the road. It was indeed a murky day and drizzled most of the morning. 
Wednesday is Market Day in town though only small you can pick up a bargain or two. I bought an Indian cook book and a pretty pack of notelets..I still put pen to paper now and then, especially to my friend in London. We have been writing since I moved away 15 years ago. But we never fail to keep in touch , in the good old fashion way. 
Before my cup of coffee in my favourite bar , I had a quick check up appointment at the dentist. All clear glad to say and no hefty bill.
 Parched I was ready for that coffee , and sitting in the window view area I manged to get my favourite seat. I just love watching the World go by , and people watching. I find it very relaxing and sometimes it can be very interesting. 
Take the day ..a dear old lady was at the crossing and about to cross. But as she did so she dropped her plastic shopping bag. Not realising she carried on. The traffic lights were still blinking , but the front driver stopped and got out of his car. He retrieved the shopping bag (he held up his hand to the waiting traffic) and gave it to her. In he got and the traffic patiently waited, well I thought isn't that just dandy! 
It's still raining here right now with hail stone flurries. Dark one minute and then it lightens up. 
It is nice to catch up and have been away far too long.
Wishing you well and enjoy the remaining weekend. 


  1. If you haven't guessed already , it was a little Mouse.

    1. Ha ha! I was thinking maybe a squirrel.;) Made me smile and thought of my cat and mouse pictures I posted on my blog about a yr. and a half ago. That little mouse got away too. I think I distracted the cat for a second taking pictures and the mouse ran away.
      Sounds like you had a fun day.
      Happy Spring!!!
      Hugs from across the big pond

  2. I am so delighted to see a post from you here!! I love your header pic, it is gorgeous!
    The story about the older lady dropping her bag brought a tear to my eyes. Bless the man who took the time to help her.

  3. Love your header photo, too bad the pond is frozen over. Those poor ducks can't get to the water. Hope the ducks don't freeze.

  4. As everyone has said, I too very much like the header picture. Oh London, a place I have always wanted to visit. Being a Bostonian (well sort o,f 5 miles away) I have always felt a connection with England. You can blame The Beatles and all the other groups that came from there when I was growing up. And besides the U.S. really England junior. Who knows, someday I may be knocking on your door for a spot of tea.
    I wish I had a pond.

  5. It's nice to see a post from you! I'm glad you stopped for the little mouse scurrying across the road. I would have stopped as well :) It's wonderful that you still write letters to your friend. It always makes me smile to get a handwritten note in the mail, the old fashioned way!

  6. Hi Sheila, missed this one as I didn't get a ping from you, just coming on here to see if anyone had picked up on my post, but no :-( oh well a few replied on Wordpress. I was going to ask you what was crossing the road, thought maybe one of your ducks had followed you. LOL
    and wasn't that nice of the man picking up the old lady's bag, come to think of it \i think that might have been me LOL

  7. So nice to see you in my comments today! Hope you are well -- loved the story about the good Samaritan. :)

  8. Hi Sheila, Glad I have found your post, I hadn't guessed that it was a little mouse, so pleased you stopped for him. We have had a mouse in our shed all winter, he was so sweet. He found the bird food and nibbled a hole in the bag and he found fantastic nesting material in the lining of one my husbands old coats....ooops. We all got very fond of the little fellow but sadly my husband found him dead in the garden at the weekend...well unless there are more hiding out in the shed!!
    I love the Good Samaritan story too, there are lots of lovely people around still thank goodness :)

  9. bless his heart and the patience of those who witness his act of kindness. Still writing the old fashioned way! Wow that's nice, in this day and age that's a rare thing indeed.

  10. "Catches the Eye" has been included in the Sites To See for this week. Be assured that I hope this helps to point many new visitors in your direction.

  11. Are you in Europe my friend? What a lovely warming display of courtesy both you with the little animal and the gentleman with the shopping bag showed. xo

  12. I see you do like in England. I just noticed. Cornwall is a beautiful part of the UK. I wish I could go there.