Friday, 20 January 2017

Cold and Frosty

Cold noses and warm toes , well keeping warm is everyone's priority.

AS I glance outside my window I see 4 new Daffodils sprouting  up.  They don't seem to mind the cold frosty mornings . Blackbirds shuffling about poking at the fallen leaves, so see what lies beneath.
Trees bare all except the Fir trees and Conifers.
The days are indeed getting longer which at last brings some relief.
Next will be the Snowdrops .

Next weekend Is the BIG BIRDWATCH  here in the UK.
My garden is the perfect place for this event between 28-30 January .
I shall be sitting with a cup of coffee and take notes of what I see for one hour.
As I've many windows here each room as a perfect view of the Garden .

This is only one view from the side window

Side of house showing Neighbours across the road

 These are warm slippers from my sister.

Nosey Lucy .

Wishing you all well . Thinking of Washington today.

Friday, 19 August 2016

Time Fly's

But there is always time after a spot of gardening , for a relaxing time with Lucy. 
My little collection of pictures can speak for them selves. The bottom picture is Lucy and I relaxing on the Hottest day of the year .

 Time goes by so quickly and Summer is well
under the way , and heading towards September.

 I've had a few welcome visitor's this year, but not so many on a long stay.
But I much prefer these day's.
I haven't journeyed to London this year, being my own choice.
Stayed 4 night's at a Forest Holiday an hour's drive away , with family and Dogs.
Very relaxing again into Devon.

I do hope you are well and enjoying the summer. Forgive me for not posting sooner but life Just Fly's By.

Friday, 6 May 2016

Love this Time of Year

That's when my garden comes into it's own. These are the first Blooms, top Cherry Blossom, Then the beautiful Barberry and last but not least my Freesia . Such fibriant colours you feel like shouting welcome Summer at last. Tempertures have at last picked  up to a warm 16c.

My nesting boxes have a little couple of Blue Tits...
Flitting in and out . 

The lawn is covered in Dandylions and Daisy's , the Bees love these.  That is the main thing of course , so no grass cutting at the moment.

I can hear the Farmers in the next field busy with their Tractors. They work during the night sometimes when rain is expected.  So the roads are a bit slow going for the drivers. With these large machines going to and throw. 

The Country isn't everyone's taste and I often over hear people form the larger Cities grumbling  .
What with narrow roads , which I usually stay away from if I can help it. 

I am off to the kitchen now before going outside , as the sun is trying to make an appearance. 
I'm making my homemade Soup topped with Fish which I put on at the last minute . As Fish cooks very quickly , and adds thta extra flavour. 

Bye for Now and wishing you well.  

Thursday, 7 January 2016

Happy New Year

Wishing you all a very Happy and Healthy New Year.

Whatever it brings I hope it is Joy and Laughter .
Her are a few photo's of times gone by...

This is my Lake , it's wonderful Morning 

 When the Ice begins to melt it makes amazing   Pattern's.

This is my little Market town last Autumn .

These are my  two little Buddies.

Last but not least my lovely Lucy, sitting in my chair of course. 
She spotted a Duck outside the Window. 

Have a lovely week. :) 

Sunday, 15 November 2015

A Shopping Trip....and a little bit more.

 This is Lucy my Lurcher 

Shopping,  that's as interesting as it get's. 

Well mum where have you been.
Food shopping to be exact just an ordinary Monday , at my local Supermarket.  After trailing round for an hour , mission accomplished. Packed it away in the boot of my car .
Thought I would pop back in store for a take away Costa Coffee , really needed Cuppa.

There she was beautiful Bubbles as I found out later what her name was.  Yes it was a  Greyhound , my weakness  as some of you may know. A weary looking guy in a wheel chair wanted quite frankly a dog sitter , while he was doing his food shop. I do it for you I promptly volunteered , I couldn't resist those big brown eye's looking up at me.  
I stood I sat and patted her , took for a short toilet run. Drank my lovely coffee feeling a little better after that much needed drink. Waiting and I can tell you the people you meet in that one hour is quite amazing.  Yes an Hour you heard right...but I didn't mind really. Two friends of mine I hadn't seen for almost three years , a good looking guy took a shine to her and we chatted for 20 mins at least.

Finally he showed up and offered me a coffee , but I politely refused thanking him. As I had more errands to run. Bye Bubbles it was fun and a pleasure .   You may say that was my good deed for the day, But in fact it made my day, but hey that's just me I suppose.

Here are some Pictures from my Garden  through August  to Oct  this year .
It has been a great time for the Roses , Red Hot Pokers and the Orchard  also, giving a few varieties of Apples. The Ducks on my Lake  are always a pleasure to observe through the Summer months.
 That is a Christmas Cacti   which is doing just fine. It brings a bit of color in October , it is now fully bloomed.  

Have a Good week and enjoy each day as it comes.

Friday, 17 April 2015

Spring Blooms

This is a Wonderful time of year everything springs to life. They lay dormant over the Winter, and then colour blooms start to appear. The top yellow looks like a Buttercup, although I'm not sure. 
 Doesn't time fly by I have been keeping up reading your blogs, at least. 

A Long Tailed-Tit for the first time here I will admit, started nesting in The small prickly bush outside the living room window. 

The Pansies were almost dead , well I thought over winter. So I pulled off all the dead bits hanging down and in a matter of weeks. Plenty of water and sunshine they are blooming lovely.

I will post some more later of my lovely pond area, but still have a lot of tidying up to do down there 
before the Daffodils die off .

Hope you are all well and the weather has been good to you. Here in Cornwall we
have had a glorious week. 

It's staying dry but will cool down to 13c to 15c this weekend.
Catch you later take care. 

Sunday, 25 January 2015

Chilly here , well it is Winter..

I love the Frost far better than all that rain we've had here of late. ..Blue skies and very cold. 
Above is the  new Patio , you can see part of it. The strange  little tree in the top center , is a Christmas tree which is 5 years old and has never been brought back  indoors. Doing well by all accounts. I decided to place lights on it , as it has pride of place. 
There will be a lot of work to do out there come March or so.
Am I looking forward to it, well not really with my sore hip. Will just have to look and maybe think about it ha! 

Meeting up with my dear Lady friend she is 95 years old this year. She is lucky really as she still gets out and about. But she does need an arm to hang on to. Having two daughter's is a blessing , so I am sure she glad of that. 

That's it for now a flying visit and just to say Hello. Enjoy your Week.