Friday, 22 April 2011

Happy Easter

Ducks one legging so cute.

Just to wish everyone a Happy Easter. I took a walk in the park yesterday and couldn't resist this lovely little blossom tree. The leaves were so delicate just like tissue paper. I stood underneath it to get a better and closer look. It was a beautiful day , people sitting on the grass laughing and just enjoying the lovely sunshine. Children playing, eating ice cream and their happy smiling faces was a pleasure to see. As walked on I came across a much bigger tree pink blossom's I tell you seeing this just gives me goose bumps , they are so beautiful. These definitely caught my eye.

Enjoy and have a lovely Easter.

Thursday, 7 April 2011

Take a Leaf out of their book....

What a wonderful day I had on Monday as I said previously. I picked up my friend at 12 noon for our planned lunch. This lady is marvellous , she is 91 years old. Looking very snazzy in her green jumper and matching necklace She greeted me with a wonderful smile. Off we went along the country lanes arriving at our destination at about 12 30pm. The menu as always was superb, roast goose fresh veg and roast potatoes delish...We cleared our plate's , we talked and laughed and I suggested popping in to see another friend of ours on the way home. Now this lady is in her late 70's she has had two hip operation over the years. But last November she fell in her kitchen and broke her leg, she was then air lifted to hospital. OH the pain I just can't imagine.! After about roughly 3 months she was going about her business as usual when she slipped and fell again ouch! this time she broke her other leg and hurt her hip very badly. Once again hospital , that was 5 weeks ago, she was now home. So that's why I suggested giving her a surprise visit, there was a lady helper there to open the door. You should have seen her face she was over the moon to see us, not being able to get out she was feeling quite bored sitting and resting all day. All in all we had a good hearty chat and laugh over a cup of tea. As we left she thanked us so much for popping in and off we went. I waved good bye to my friend as I dropped her off home , but before I left she looked up at me and said "oh thank you Sheila that was a wonderful day, I am so glad we popped in to see Janice". :) The look on their faces will stay with me for a long time.:) Just thought I would share this with you today ..take care and have wonderful week. :)

Friday, 1 April 2011

What will April Bring...

Someone mentioned the other day that I have not put any recent piccies up of my dear Wil-e. Here he is the cheeky chappie, two days ago. The weather has changed around completely
it's quite chilly today for the 1st of April, although looking back in my dairy 2010, it's much the same. I always keep a day to day dairy when I forget something or want to remember something , it's good to just go back and check on something.

I was so achieving so much in the garden until the rain came Tuesday, there's a lot to do a lot of dead wood and leaves still hidden beneath the small bushes. So I will leave that till the weekend and hope it cheers me on again, with a little sunshine. As I find things to do indoors a bit of cooking or just catching up on the cleaning. Not a favourite of mine Cleaning I mean.

Monday taking time out for a spot of lunch with my old friend, will pick her up a noon and will heading off to the restaurant . Thats the lady that fell backwards nearly on top of me as she was going up the steps, to the other restaurant last month. All was ok I caught her , mind you have you ever felt a dead weight. Phew! took some doing I can tell you, but hey they both roared with laughter afterwards. :)

Well I wonder what April will bring I do hope Joy and good things for you all , and of course good health. Take Care of yourselves and I'll catch you later.