Friday, 22 April 2011

Happy Easter

Ducks one legging so cute.

Just to wish everyone a Happy Easter. I took a walk in the park yesterday and couldn't resist this lovely little blossom tree. The leaves were so delicate just like tissue paper. I stood underneath it to get a better and closer look. It was a beautiful day , people sitting on the grass laughing and just enjoying the lovely sunshine. Children playing, eating ice cream and their happy smiling faces was a pleasure to see. As walked on I came across a much bigger tree pink blossom's I tell you seeing this just gives me goose bumps , they are so beautiful. These definitely caught my eye.

Enjoy and have a lovely Easter.


  1. The photos are so lovely. I am so glad you shared them with us.

    Happy Easter to you too.


  2. Happy Easter, I just love flowering trees.

  3. I fully agree with you Sheila, these blossoms re really beautiful, and just so delicate as you say.
    We have been so lucky these past few days with the beautiful weather, we had lunch in the garden, including apple pie and ice cream. deeeeeeeeeeelishus!
    Thanks for you welcome visits.

  4. Happy Easter Sheila, your garden, and pond are Beautiful, as are the pretty blossom trees. You are way ahead of us when it comes to Spring, but we are getting there. There are a few spring flowers in bloom, and the grass is starting to grow. We had our warmest day yet, and I was able to sit out on my deck and have dinner outside. It was very pleasant indeed.
    Have a wonderful Sunday.
    Dianne :)

  5. I agree with you Sheila, seeing blossom trees really makes your day this time of year doesn't it?
    We had our first bbq yesterday, sat in the garden and just soaked up the sun, great :)
    Hope you are having a lovely Easter xx

  6. Blessings...
    thanks for the easter greeting. I trust yours was great. love the photographs

  7. Hi Sheila, just dropping by to thank you for 'dropping by' to me I hope your Easter was a happy one, I've been rather busy, had a friend over for the day on Friday, at family BBQ Sunday, and gardening in between. So the computer got neglected.Take care Arlene X