Tuesday, 18 December 2012

A Few Years Ago

Well another Birthday has passed and I was sent a Beautiful Christmas Cacti ..My dearest friend from  
Outer London , she sends me a gorgeous Plant or Flowers every year. Two  weeks ago and is now just beginning to open her buds. 
I think it's the best thing ever to receive a lovely colourful plant, especially this time of year. 

Well where has the YEAR gone, has it gone by too quickly for you also. 
A lot of things have happened this Year which in turn hasn't been a good one .
For me I lost my darling Greyhound (Brindle) , and the Summer seemed to fade into insignificance.

I came across the above Header and there he was his little paw prints in the Snow. 
Our little walks around the Garden , indeed left its mark , it made me smile today.

It's a cold and damp Day here today , but the rain at least has held off.
Looks to be more rain heading our way though.
Enjoy your Week .

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Bright and Sunny

With a hard Frost last night , it was Lovely to see a clear blue sky for a change. The garden looks so pretty , and with a layer of ice on the Pond . 
The most relaxing place to be to get away from the hustle and the bustle. I should sell tickets LOL .
Christmas is just around the corner , and I'm thinking of that roast Turkey already with all it's trimmings. My Birthday just recently gone I enjoyed a few long chat's with my family. Another year older my oh my doesn't time fly. 
Most of all I was happy to hear my Brother  is feeling a lot better , after a nasty bout of Shingles. Poor soul he has suffered badly for 3 months, I didn't realise it went on so Long. 
So it was good to hear him having a little Laugh again. 

Off to the Kitchen on this lovely cold chilly afternoon , to gaze across the Moors (Dartmoor) 
While I rustle up a hot meal to pop in the Oven , consisting of Chicken Skinned breast's and Butter beans, Tinned Tomatoes....Yum.

Wishing you well and Good health 

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

November Drawing To A Close

Top of My Garden 

November has passed by almost.. the Sun is setting Lower in the Sky.
This weekend is set to get Colder , after all the Heavy Downpours across the South West England. 
Lots of Homes and Workplaces have been flooded, and we have had up to 190 Flood Warnings, around the Country.  With a Loss of Life also. 
 We are pretty high up where we live and have managed to escape any threat. 
My Prayers go out to all these unfortunate People that have been flooded.

Monday, 12 November 2012

My Winter Treasures

Chinese Rose and Christmas Cacti 

These two little plants never let me down, taking care of them during the year really pays off.

Since all has died down in the garden it's good to see a bit of colour.

Have a Great Week

Wednesday, 3 October 2012


I travelled by car to visit my sister , outer London 210 miles one way. It was a good journey yet quite busy on the roads funny enough. This time of year it tends to be much quieter on that route. My sister and hubby where planning a short break , so asked me if I would look after their pets. Consisting of one African Parrot, 3 gold fish, 2 tiny hamsters oh and Poppy one slightly over weight Terrier/ cross. Rather spoilt so was wondering how she would behave with me... Well I needn't have worried one iota , we got on very well .
The weather stayed quite pleasant that week, as on returning it changed for the worst.

My Begonia are doing very well they just keep on and on, above lovely red. 
I am in the middle of planting Daffodil bulb's around the perimeter . It just came to me don't know why I didn't think of it before. So lots and lots of bulb's to go in yet, planted around 40 so far, mixed variety's . I purchased a tool with a long handle so I wouldn't have to do so much bending , wonderful. Makes all the difference . 
The pink plant was given to me by my sister , very pretty and also doing well in the conservatory. A primrose I do believe.

Thank you for your visits and your warm thoughts much appreciated . Have a lovely week looks to be a wet one here with sunny spells.

Oh the last picture was a visit I made to A local Pony Sanctuary , it was a Beautiful day earlier this year. 

Sunday, 29 July 2012

July brings...

My Beautiful Coral Roses 
Hiding under the undergrowth I discovered a Astilbe , creamy little flowers. The Beautiful Hydie's every July
Lovely pale Blue. It's nearly the end of the month , so I hope August brings more Blooms. It's been a mixed month weather wise, with heavy rain and Sunshine and warm weather towards the end of the Month.
Have a Lovely Weekend and hope the Sun is shining today . If not just enjoy what ever the weather.

Saturday, 9 June 2012

A Few Blooms

Just to say have a great Weekend .Here is a few 
Blooms in and around the Garden April, May and June. Second from bottom is the bit I tidied up which quickly  transforms with yellow Roses and Yellow Flowers at the base. 
Catch you Later..

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Those Magpies ....

We have two younger's here in the garden , I can tell they are young as they have no tails. I think this is one bird that I don't really care for , especially this time of year. They stay together and seek out nice nest's , need I say more. You can always tell when they are on the prowl , by that high pitched noise they make. 
These species are widespread not only in Europe but also in Asia and North America.
Their diet consists of mice, field mice, insect's , as well as berries and seeds. Well enough said on these birds. 
The weather here  is set  to be warm and Sunny for the rest of the week. Giving me plenty of dry weather to get the garden tidied up , here and there. Oh and yes the Bungalow is being painted white on the outside this week. So two hard working local guy's highly recommended have started this week. They turn up 8 30am prompt every morning, and finish at 5pm. It's looking good , I will take a few pictures when it's completed. I have just to mention this , they are two retired Firemen....
Well I hope this finds you all well and hope you all have a Lovely week. Just have to do a bit of catching up to see  what you've all been up to. As you can see the Rhodies are almost in full bloom now. Adding a bit of colour happy to say. 

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Wile-e (Through is Eye's)

Yawn!! It's time this rain gave up the ghost, will it ever stop I say. I was just lying here looking out of the window and thinking about those lovely people who showed up a few weeks ago. I got so excited and they where pleased to see me to, and gave me lots of strokes on my head. I was even given cake just love mum's cake , but this was just a tasty. Bye they gone now where I don't know. Shucks!
I noticed mum the other day holding her head between her hands, and so looked up at her till she took notice of me. She turned and started chatting to me I listened to every word , my eyebrows going from side to side. Trying to piece it together mm not sure but sounded to me to be in a lower tone of voice. Mum got up and looked out of the Window and looked up to the sky, a bit of blue. Come on Wile-e she shouted yes I'm I'm here , come on then. As we walked around the Pond we noticed those tiny little black things (Moorhen's) being fed by mum and dad. That's Nature I guess...Woof Woof bye for now Folks. One happy little dog trots off with his mum..

Sunday, 8 April 2012

Wile-e Through His Eye's

Love this warmer dry weather 
Mum lets me off the lead and I have a lovely breathtaking run around the Pond. Once that lead comes off there is no stopping me Woosh.............I'm off. FREEDOM  YAHOOO ! In fact When in full sprint I can't come to a halt just like that , I just carry on till I'm out of breath. Fantastic. But it's back to dull chilly day's so I'm not so keen I always  take a good look outside first, on the top step to see if it's not Wet!! that's it I won't budge , Mum calls me a big softy . Who me , no it's just I don't like it too soft under foot . 
A very nice Lady came to stay a a year ago, 3weeks ago  actually mum says. Oh my she brought me some lovely little Gravy Biscuits  Yummy , so I guess every time someone comes in through that door , Well there must be something in that big bag thing for me... Right mmm.  Well mum is getting her coat on I just heard  that Zip go up on her coat , and that's my Q . A walk up to the Farm oh goody I might just see my little chum , the Highland Terrier. I tell you she is so cute , Catch you Later .
Happy Easter Everyone Woof Woof 

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Just Like Spring

Last week turned out to be a Beautiful one , just in time for my sisters visit. Wile-e was so pleased to see her, as she tried to get through the door.
Tuesday got off to a very misty start , so we headed off to Bude. But alas it didn't clear at all not an inch. So it was up to town for a lunch of Fish and Chips, and a bit of shopping. As a walk across the beach was out of the question . A good old catch up and a laugh so we Thoroughly  enjoyed our day out anyway.
We had a good few days and the weather did improve.
Before my sister returned home we drove back to Bude as the day looked rather promising. We were lucky it was Beautiful and we managed to get that walk across the beach. Tea and cake as we reached the end of our walk , in a little seaside cafe. I could see her face beaming  , and I think she went home the next day happy. I gave her a small gift of butter cream hand cream, which was handmade made in one our little town's gift shop. 
I see most of you have enjoyed some Lovely weather , so enjoy. 
It's back to the garden now with lots to do. 
Catch you later Enjoy. 

Sunday, 11 March 2012

Loyalty Blow Award by Rhapsody PhoenixThank you for my lovely rewards Rhapsody . Have a Wonderful Weekend and coming week. 

Sunday, 4 March 2012

Spring Like Day's

It's always good to see a bit of colour in the garden even if it is White. These little Hellebores have come up leaps and bounds since all the dead stuff has been cut down. Only a few daffodils have appeared as yet but lots to come I hope , around the perimeter. This last week has been very fine sunny weather,  so feel much better. Wile-e has picked up as he to hates rain and windy days, so he's been back on form looking forward to his walk. To give him and myself a break from the garden we walk up to the local farm , and some times pass other little dogs the white Highland Terrier being his FAVOURITE FOR SOME REASON. It also helps to trim his nails on hard ground. 

Going back a few years ago one particular morning stays in my mind. My sister had popped across for a little holiday for  a few day's. We were making our way up to the farm with Lady , my Greyhound before Wile-e. Stopped at the farm gate peered over to come across a very strange sight. The sheep were grazing away but one in particular looked in distress. The poor creature was on her back, legs sticking up in the air. Firmly stuck she couldn't move , for how long I don't know. The Farm being two or three miles up the road we both decided to go to her rescue. Not an easy task I remember, so we said no we can't budge her . We tried again and together we gave one almighty push, finally getting her on her feet. PHEW!! I tell you her poor back was completely flat just like a coffee table. Have never, thank goodness seen this ever since. The farmer said a few days later it was good you got her to her feet quickly as they become very disorientated , and after a while the Crows come down and have a peck.!! Oh Yack!!

 It's another fine day here a little cooler , but very refreshing :) 
Hope you enjoyed my story, it's funny how it just came to mind today. My sister is paying me a visit next Sunday , so I am really looking forward to that.
Have a great relaxing Sunday  :) 

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Wile-e's Day through his eye's ....

There is something about this new blanket I like, a good old ruffle up a bit of a chew maybe . Yes That's better , hope no one is watching ooops!! there's  mum with the camera. Out of all three beds this has got to be my favourite, so warm, oh and it doesn't seem to tear either. I remember when I pulled out all the stuffing in one of my beds, mum was not amused. My walk this morning was quite enjoyable but I must say very cold, but at least it wasn't raining, just don't like the stuff. Mum put on my wool coat oh what bliss and I feel so snazzy in it to. Off we trotted and guess what no sign of my little white terrier friend oh drat!! I did so want to make an impression but alas she was no where to be seen. 
Well off for a nap now , I think I heard her something about cakes?mmm sounds interesting. So me thinks I will go in the kitchen and do a bit of tidying , mum always manages to drop some on the floor.Lucky for me woof woof!!
Have a good day everyone and stay warm :) 

Friday, 13 January 2012

Images Over The Years

These are some of my favourite pictures from my garden over the past 10 years. 

Woke to a cold frost covered garden , the good thing about this it is surely followed by a crisp Sunny day. Which is uplifting in it's self , especially after all the dull wet day's we've had here in the South West. The Pond at the top of the garden was covered by a very thin layer of ice. I checked the smaller pond which in turn had also a thin layer. Just in case any frogs were resting there, and gently broke the ice. 

Wile-e has been very lively these last few days , looking through the window. So we have taken a few extra walks in the sunshine.Which is also good for me as well as for him.

I tried a new Cookie recipe over the weekend , so good I was very pleased with the results. Also a Black treacle pudding , this was also very good. Served with fresh dollop of cream. As soon as Wile-e got a wiff  of the Cookies , out he ran and was behind me in no time. I think it must be the butter he can smell. Turns a dogs head. Do you find the same thing Arlene maybe? 

Beth gave me the inspiration and got me moving to making  Cookies. They are so yummy , thanks Beth so glad I did.

Well Wile- e has at last settled down on his cosy bed. So I will catch up on my reading .
Have a great week and I hope the weather isn't too unkind to you. Catch you Later :)