Sunday, 4 March 2012

Spring Like Day's

It's always good to see a bit of colour in the garden even if it is White. These little Hellebores have come up leaps and bounds since all the dead stuff has been cut down. Only a few daffodils have appeared as yet but lots to come I hope , around the perimeter. This last week has been very fine sunny weather,  so feel much better. Wile-e has picked up as he to hates rain and windy days, so he's been back on form looking forward to his walk. To give him and myself a break from the garden we walk up to the local farm , and some times pass other little dogs the white Highland Terrier being his FAVOURITE FOR SOME REASON. It also helps to trim his nails on hard ground. 

Going back a few years ago one particular morning stays in my mind. My sister had popped across for a little holiday for  a few day's. We were making our way up to the farm with Lady , my Greyhound before Wile-e. Stopped at the farm gate peered over to come across a very strange sight. The sheep were grazing away but one in particular looked in distress. The poor creature was on her back, legs sticking up in the air. Firmly stuck she couldn't move , for how long I don't know. The Farm being two or three miles up the road we both decided to go to her rescue. Not an easy task I remember, so we said no we can't budge her . We tried again and together we gave one almighty push, finally getting her on her feet. PHEW!! I tell you her poor back was completely flat just like a coffee table. Have never, thank goodness seen this ever since. The farmer said a few days later it was good you got her to her feet quickly as they become very disorientated , and after a while the Crows come down and have a peck.!! Oh Yack!!

 It's another fine day here a little cooler , but very refreshing :) 
Hope you enjoyed my story, it's funny how it just came to mind today. My sister is paying me a visit next Sunday , so I am really looking forward to that.
Have a great relaxing Sunday  :) 


  1. Beautiful!! the Chinese Rose. I'm afraid spring hasn't found us yet here although I keep looking for a sign each day. I did see quite a few robins yesterday so that lifted my spirits.
    Wile-e is looking great as usual. I hope you have a wonderful day.
    Hugs to you both!!

  2. Hi Sheila, it is so nice to see things growing in the garden. We won't see any growth until some time in May, nut you never know. Love your header great looking flower.

  3. Is that a Hellebore I see in your garden Sheila? if so , could it possibly have emigrated from mine, as they seem to have gone awol this year. :-) If some rogue snowdrops turn up, send them back too.
    Loved the tale of the sheep, I had heard that this can be fatal for them, so it was one lucky lady to be found by you, Perhaps the farmer should have remembered you come market day and allotted you a nice leg when it was time up for it. hugs Wile-e, enjoy the drier weather, Ruby doesn't like rain either.

  4. hi, hope you are well. got an award for you. please stop by and pick it up *copy and paste. its in the post titled LOYALTY AWARD