Tuesday, 6 December 2011

My Rose Garlands

Just thought you would like to see my Garland , which made a change from Christmas Lights.
Today it's HAIL STONE AND CHILLY here and it looks as though it's early evening , not afternoon. So today I'm going to make Chicken Tikka for dinner . I always said a curry is indeed a warming dish and a good feel factor.
I also have tried Mango for the first time over the weekend , I tell you I was very pleasantly surprised. So delish, makes a change from the usual peaches , or tangerines that we always buy this time of year.
The Kitchen awaits so I am off to cook my dish, letting it simmer slowly for 40 mins. Then letting it stand off the Hob, come evening a gentle warm through. Tasty , :)
Catch you Later have a great day.

Sunday, 4 December 2011


Well I was quite surprised I noticed two little buds on my Geranium yesterday, so I put it in the shed for protection from the Frost. Nature's full of little surprises. We have had quite a lot of rain of late , so happy today it has stopped for the time being.
I hope you are all looking forward to Christmas , I have only managed to put up a small tree with twinkling lights and a Rose Garland. Yesterday I did a little food shop and came across a bottle of Chocolate wine. So I thought I would give it a try , being on special offer over the weekend. It's a Ruby Red Wine blended with chocolate and cherries. Something tasty to hand around friends visits. Shall be cooking mince (sweet) pies, chocolate cake and treacle slice during the next two weeks. I have a few friends to visit so will have some cake over a chat and a cuppa. I don't think you can beat freshly baked home made cakes to bring a smile :)

Well I hope this post finds you all well , Catch you Later and enjoy the changing Seasons. :) hope you all have a great week.

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Cheeky Chappy and Buds in November.

Well Hello I do hope I find you all well and Happy, just been having trouble getting on Blogspot. So I thought I would try adding a post tonight.

Wile-e my darling greyhound some of you will have already met him, is just getting over a visit to the vets. It's ok nothing serious just a teeth clean and his nails needed clipping. When I picked him up (to be expected) he was not a happy boy at all. This was Thursday last he insisted on being miserable and giving me those (what did you do to me looks) mind you I suppose his poor mouth was feeling a little tender , as he wouldn't eat his biscuits for a few days. He just seemed to loose all of his sparkle and that cheeky personality had temporary left him. ....But at last yesterday he was back to his normal cheeky chappy self again and that was just great!! Oh I was Happy :) and I think he trusts me again as he jumped in the back seat of the car , I was worried that he would associate the car = vets , so I thought I would share this with you. Lets hope he doesn't have to go again , well not for a long time anyhow.

I hope you can find your way here as I have been signing anonymous comments, as it was the only way I could. Here are some of my plants hope you enjoy and I will catch you later, take care:) Have a lovely Week come rain or shine. :)

Friday, 30 September 2011

Warm September

Well it's been a while since my last post but Blogspot has almost lost my interest . By that I mean I can't leave comments unless I sign Annoymous , so please bare with me. Also friends can't get onto my posts, so I hope you can today.

September has been at it's warmest for over a week now, and for most of the Country. So lots of people are out enjoying themselves on our beautiful Coast line along Devon and Cornwall.

Getting back to the garden when the lawn has been mowed it looks like the above , so with the fine weather it's looking good . The holly bush is coming along nicely , crab apple tree and the remaining Hydrangea's are still a pretty blue. There has also been new arrivals on the pond as you can see which took me by surprise. But at least it has been warm for them , they are now be 3weeks old. It's been 3 weeks since my sisters visit which seems like a lot longer than that. It was great to have a lovely girlie time and we went out every day. As we won't see each other now for at least 10 months at least. Wile-e was very excited to see her and in his excitment (unknown to us) pulled all the stuffing out of his duvet. The room looked like a snow storm had hit it. Little Tinker we couldn't tell him off though we just laughed. :)

Friday is cake cooking day for me and I found a lovely little recipe for Little Lemon Puddings. It makes a nice change and they are very light , from the Victoria Sponge recipe. So I make about ten in my ramikins. I shall put the recipe on later today or tomorrow.

Till then bye for now and enjoy the warm sunshine while it's still here , catch you later. :)

Monday, 5 September 2011

Thank you...

PhotobucketHello just to say thank you for my award so happy :) woppeeee
It's a rain on and off today here , so just taking a break on the puter.
I am looking forward to my sister visiting on Thursday for a few day's. Nothing quite like a girlie day or two out. We will probably have a couple of lunch's  and I will cook one of my specials.
Have a great day catch you later...Just off to bake one of my chocolate cakes. :)

Friday, 12 August 2011


Just in case some of you haven't seen a lovely Pasty made here in Cornwall.

Life and little Treat's ...

Hi everyone I hope you are all enjoying the Summer, although rain it must. Here is another picture of little Poppy my sister's dog. Getting back into the swing of things again sometimes it takes just that little bit longer.
But Wile- e and I just Love a stroll round our garden . I noticed a few days ago the black caterpillar gathering on the nettles which are always left , in the same area of the garden for these little fellows. They creep off somewhere safe and form a lovely little black chrysalis . I am not sure how long for exactly , and in turn you have the Peacock butterfly. Now isn't that just one of life's little miracle's.
Back to my Holiday at my sister's I don't know If I mentioned it , but she also has an African Grey Parrot. What A mimic quite incredible. Little Poppy below has put on a little weight since I last saw her. Well sis has a naughty habit of feeding her tit bits. Roly Poly was a regular word from Billie (the parrot) and many more besides , which had me in stitches oh soo funny quite entertaining I must say. I read in our local paper that Brat Pitt was filming here in nearby Falmouth , 60 miles from where I live . This being his latest blockbuster . So it was interesting to hear that the cast and crew where all enjoying our Cornish Pasty. 700 pasties where delivered to them to enjoy , made in the local factory in Falmouth . They then later had a further order of 500 sandwiches so that was indeed a busy day for all the staff concerned.Contributing you could say to the making of the film., to one of Hollywoods best known actor's. Yayeee..

Have a great Weekend although we have had a little drizzle the past two days looks to brighter as the weekend Approaches glad to say. :) Enjoy the little things in life it has got to bring a smile to your face :)

Sunday, 7 August 2011

Wonderful Time

Hi everyone I hope all is well with you all , I have enjoyed a wonderful break visiting my sister. I have been catching up on your posts , and enjoyed each and every one of them. I will post during the week as time has ran out now and I must press on.
Have a lovely Sunday :) Above is a photo of my sister's dog called Poppy.

Monday, 27 June 2011

Sunny Sunday...

Well last week past with lots of visiting to the vets , Sophie my little canary was egg bound yet again. It was the same time last year, poor little might. Off we went one injection on Thursday , it was taking her a little longer to recover. Friday yet another injection, calcium and a special feed. A few days passed and she is doing just fine today. Back to her chirpy self and having her first bath after 5 days. Oh it brings a cheer to my heart. She is such a little treasure :)
Saturday was Wile-e 's turn he was due for his boosters and needed a nail trim. He just couldn't wait to get in the car and nearly knocked me over in the process. Good as gold we drove off , stopped and out to go into vets. MMM he was a good boy , until he realized where he was going ahhh he practically pulled me back out of the door. Eventually I managed to get him back in, there all done. LOL I couldn't help but laugh and the receptionists
Sunday was a beautiful warm and sunny day , with the temps just right about 75-deg with a little breeze. Oh I love days like these hope it lasts.
My little plant is doing well can't think of it's name . I received this in December last year for my birthday it had one flower then and no more till June. It just keeps flowering isn't it beautiful.
Well that's all for now have a great week , just off to the kitchen to prepare a lovely Fish Keran.
Take care :) Catch you later ...

Saturday, 18 June 2011

Back to the Garden

Well I sure did enjoy my holiday it was wonderful to visit my family in Newcastle. Catching up with old friends and also how their lives have changed, over the past year. As the years whip by I say to myself I just have to visit more often as you never know what is going to happen one year to another. I heard some sad news and some happy news so there you are , make the most of every new day. You never know what's around that corner...

The garden is looking pretty good , so have been plodding around doing a lot of tidying and pruning. Those roses are still doing very well , yellow red and a little wild rose has appeared I see. Oh and also a new arrival of 7 baby ducklings so very tiny at the moment , looking quite healthy though. The Pond is still pretty low so I hope all this rain we have had will make that all change soon.
Well that's it for now off to the kitchen as I still haven't opened my new food processor. Do you know it is still in it's box , I bought it about a month ago, or was that two months. Catch up with you all soon take care .:)

Saturday, 4 June 2011

Those Roses ...Woosh!! Blue-Tits

After a day in the garden I stopped by the sound of the twittering sound of Blue-Tits high in the Fir tree. I missed them they were nesting in the little box , one minute they were there and the next they had took flight. You have to be pretty quick to catch a glimpse of these little fellows taking their first flight. But the beautiful sound of them all was enough to put a smile on my face.
The top photo is my parsley which I use on various dishes mainly fish. The orange flower is a flaming Katy such a pretty colour and quite easy to grow. The past few days have been glorious sunshine a warm temperatures so not had a chance to catch up on your posts till today. Beth I must say I am thoroughly enjoying your life story , thank you very much for sharing this with us. :)
Well I was amazed at what I saw this morning outside on my Roses !! There quietly sitting underneath a leaf was a white spider. I was pruning them at the time I have never come across one of these before , and even more shocking was he had caught a small bumble bee . Has anyone ever come across one of these before ..
I am taking a holiday next week for a few days to visit my brother in Newcastle. I am looking forward to seeing him and the family. Yet the weather man said it is about to change oh well there is nothing worse than travelling in the hot sun is there !! :)
Have a great week stay happy and well see you later. :)

Sunday, 22 May 2011

Changing Colours

My Roses are coming along very nicely all a beautiful shade of yellow, except for one it has a tinted pink around the edges. It got me thinking why only one , these are just outside my window . So as I pass by them every day there is yet another little bloom. Don't you just love the colour it's so pretty and the most uplifting colour I know. It got me thinking of a little Canary I had about 8 years ago now . I called her Tina happy little thing she was and she just loved raw carrot. So every day I cut a piece up and she would immediately get stuck in. As time went by I noticed a change in her feathers , and realized she was indeed turning pretty shade of Orange. I couldn't believe it well I never , I will always remember this with great affection for my little Canary . Funny how things just pop into your mind like that , thought I would share with you. It's been dull and windy here most of the day , but the Sun has finally made an appearance. Hope you are all having a wonderful Sunday :)

Sunday, 8 May 2011

Who's That Lady .....

I came across this little photo of me and my Mum taken in the early 1960's . I think my Uncle who was taking the picture used a Brownie Box Camera the photo was only 2ins/2ins so quite small. Mum was holding onto Roy my Uncle's dog and where-ever he went Roy always came to. Don't you just love those coats , especially mum's with tapered waist line. I don't remember much about that day but it must have been a Garden Fete , somewhere in the North East /Eng. Happy Mother's Day to all my American Friends. Have a Great Week..

Sunday, 1 May 2011

Few More Blooms

These have got to be my favourite little flowers just by the Pond at the top of my garden. So pretty and delicate first of all green and then they turn a creamy white. Sunshine warm and dry days this last week and accomplished lots in the garden . The ducks are still here but there is one in particular that has been here a few years now a little female. Notice the picture of her on the right side of my page. I had just been sitting in the deck chair when she came close by and sat under the chair I was sitting in.
I mentioned the Fir trees just outside the back of house , well after watering my flowers I just happen to be walking under one. There she was a tiny little bird flitting around the bottom branches , taking no notice of me at all. So cute just like a little humming bird, I couldn't move as I was afraid I would frighten her away. I tell you what I was in my glory she was so very close.

I hope your week has been good to you , and I must say I thoroughly enjoyed watching the Royal Wedding on Friday. The dress was simply beautiful and they looked so much in Love.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend and stay happy :)

Friday, 22 April 2011

Happy Easter

Ducks one legging so cute.

Just to wish everyone a Happy Easter. I took a walk in the park yesterday and couldn't resist this lovely little blossom tree. The leaves were so delicate just like tissue paper. I stood underneath it to get a better and closer look. It was a beautiful day , people sitting on the grass laughing and just enjoying the lovely sunshine. Children playing, eating ice cream and their happy smiling faces was a pleasure to see. As walked on I came across a much bigger tree pink blossom's I tell you seeing this just gives me goose bumps , they are so beautiful. These definitely caught my eye.

Enjoy and have a lovely Easter.

Thursday, 7 April 2011

Take a Leaf out of their book....

What a wonderful day I had on Monday as I said previously. I picked up my friend at 12 noon for our planned lunch. This lady is marvellous , she is 91 years old. Looking very snazzy in her green jumper and matching necklace She greeted me with a wonderful smile. Off we went along the country lanes arriving at our destination at about 12 30pm. The menu as always was superb, roast goose fresh veg and roast potatoes delish...We cleared our plate's , we talked and laughed and I suggested popping in to see another friend of ours on the way home. Now this lady is in her late 70's she has had two hip operation over the years. But last November she fell in her kitchen and broke her leg, she was then air lifted to hospital. OH the pain I just can't imagine.! After about roughly 3 months she was going about her business as usual when she slipped and fell again ouch! this time she broke her other leg and hurt her hip very badly. Once again hospital , that was 5 weeks ago, she was now home. So that's why I suggested giving her a surprise visit, there was a lady helper there to open the door. You should have seen her face she was over the moon to see us, not being able to get out she was feeling quite bored sitting and resting all day. All in all we had a good hearty chat and laugh over a cup of tea. As we left she thanked us so much for popping in and off we went. I waved good bye to my friend as I dropped her off home , but before I left she looked up at me and said "oh thank you Sheila that was a wonderful day, I am so glad we popped in to see Janice". :) The look on their faces will stay with me for a long time.:) Just thought I would share this with you today ..take care and have wonderful week. :)

Friday, 1 April 2011

What will April Bring...

Someone mentioned the other day that I have not put any recent piccies up of my dear Wil-e. Here he is the cheeky chappie, two days ago. The weather has changed around completely
it's quite chilly today for the 1st of April, although looking back in my dairy 2010, it's much the same. I always keep a day to day dairy when I forget something or want to remember something , it's good to just go back and check on something.

I was so achieving so much in the garden until the rain came Tuesday, there's a lot to do a lot of dead wood and leaves still hidden beneath the small bushes. So I will leave that till the weekend and hope it cheers me on again, with a little sunshine. As I find things to do indoors a bit of cooking or just catching up on the cleaning. Not a favourite of mine Cleaning I mean.

Monday taking time out for a spot of lunch with my old friend, will pick her up a noon and will heading off to the restaurant . Thats the lady that fell backwards nearly on top of me as she was going up the steps, to the other restaurant last month. All was ok I caught her , mind you have you ever felt a dead weight. Phew! took some doing I can tell you, but hey they both roared with laughter afterwards. :)

Well I wonder what April will bring I do hope Joy and good things for you all , and of course good health. Take Care of yourselves and I'll catch you later.

Sunday, 20 March 2011

Sunny Sunday..

So Lucky this week had four glorious days so far. Gives you that good all round feeling to want to get up and go. I did yesterday the garden yes I know that wasn't very far . I pottered round cleared my old plant pots and filled them up with compost. Cleared out two hanging baskets ready for my new flowers, I will start off the seeds which I will do today. Had to wait till the weather improved so I could work on them outside, and wash all the old trays from last year.

The Geese are still undecided it seems , have been here a couple of times this week. But no sign of them today. In fact there are only 3 sets of ducks ,couples that is and a nesting Moorhen. The Baby Moorhens are probably due in April sometime. They usually have three lots of baby's, and they make wonderful doting parents. So looks to be a fairly busy time on the Pond this year. Looking over to the right hand side of the back window I noticed some more yellow flowers , just can't think what they are called, maybe Arlene will recognise them. Very pretty it didn't do much at all last year, so there it just goes to show you, and with all that hard frost we had over winter.
Well must get outside I did say I was going to get my seedtrays organised, I better get going. Hope you all have a lovely Sunday, it's 53F here at the moment, with a little cool breeze.
Catch you Later..:)

Thursday, 17 February 2011

Little Snowdrops and things.

Well it's been a lovely day here so far especially after yesterday, pretty dull and rained all day. Lucky for me I had a lunch date with my old friend, so headed for the Local Restaurant. We both had a roast dinner consisting of roast beef roast potatoes and fresh seasonal vegetables. Deli sh!We didn't stay out too long as she had to get back, family matters.
Oh it's so nice to catch up and have a natter...
Arlene I have tried to get on your post today and left a comment, but I don't think it worked.I will try again later. I thought I would just mention this as it's not the first time it's happened to me.
About 7am this morning I heard a couple of Geese flying over the house heading towards my Pond. I ventured up a little later and they were checking the place out. It's been a few years now since they nested here on the pond, so I will just have to wait and see. For those of you who haven't seen a baby gosling up close , you could be in luck fingers crossed.
Enjoy the rest of your day take care and stay happy.

Thursday, 10 February 2011

Drifting Back Early 70's

I was browsing through my photo's a few days ago, and this is my sister's little Yorkshire terrier. My thoughts for some reason drifted back to the mid seventies. I was visiting my brother and sister-in-law at the time and stayed at their house when out crept from behind the settee a little Yorkshire terrier. Her fur was badly matted and very blonde, which mean't she was quite an old dog. Looking closer her toe nails they were in a terrible state, in fact they had curled round and round. I gasped in horror and couldn't believe my eye's , the poor little mite. All was revealed they told me they had found her a few days ago hiding crouched down in the back yard. They fed her and kept her warm , she had really been neglected to say the least.!! I had never seen anything quite like this before, where she come from they had no idea. We chatted and I decided to take her back home with me , on the train. I pondered on this so I put her in my large luggage bag , leaving her head sticking out. She didn't seem to mind at all bless her. Anyway I took her straight to the vets for a check up, he cut her toe nails and what a job that was. He told me that she was indeed an older dog but not sure how old.
I called her Beauty as to me she was. I remember the first day I took her up on Clapham Common , all that open space to run around on , oh the look on that little dogs face. She ran with such joy and it brought a tear of joy to my eye. I think I had her for about 18months before she became too old to carry on.
She will always remain my little Beauty, and at least she enjoyed her final years. :)

Wednesday, 9 February 2011


As I was saying sorry don't know what happened there, one minute here and the next posted oops must have pressed the wrong key.

For those of you know Sophie my Canary, she is in full singing mode these days. Here she is taking her bath in the beautiful Sunlit Window. Sorry it's not a very good shot .
It's been a mixed bag weather wise so far this week, sun and wind and rain. Temperatures not too bad at 9c / 47f compared to all that snow our friends have across the Pond. As I was saying the first sighting of that lovely little snowdrop was sure a pleasure to see.
Have a lovely day stay warm and safe and enjoy the rest of the week, :)


All of a sudden there they were the little white delicate snowdrops...Hiding amongst the untidy lawn. This is the first Bloom of the year . I took this picture on Sunday and since then there are many more. The daffodils are slowly popping their tiny heads up , and really looking forward to seeing them swaying in the breeze just outside my window.

Saturday, 29 January 2011

Just passing to say...Have a Lovely Weekend.

My little Cacti has finally come back to life Hipeeee. Very cold here today 2 c and is staying that way up untill Tuesday at least. So I will be heading off to the kitchen to rustle something tasty for later on tonight. My mixture has finally given up the ghost though , so will have to carry on without it. Not even sure what to look for now so many different contraptions on the market. So on that note do have a wonderful weekend stay warm and keep smiling. :)

Friday, 21 January 2011

Drifting Back...

This is a shot of the Peacock when he used to visit my garden enjoying the sunshine.
I was drifting back again this Morning of thoughts of my Auntie Hilda, while I was sipping my cuppa coffee. Remembering the times when she used to pop on a train from Kings Cross to Newcastle to pay us a visit. This must have been the late 50's early 60's , it didn't seem to matter to her what the weather was like. Nothing seemed to deter her at all, we were all clearing the snow and ice from the steps and pathway to our door before her arrival. There she was as bold as life stepping out of the taxis, smiling face with that touch of powder on her nose. Auntie was an early riser so a nice cup of tea was on it's way up to me the next morning, lovely . I took a sup and ahhh! yak what was that she had mistakenly put salt in the tea instead of sugar. Mum probably kept the salt in a jug or something I really don't know. Or maybe it was semi dark at the time , but oh how we laughed after the event. We loved her visits as I have said before in previous posts. I have always remembered that to this day , I don't know why it popped in my mind today.

Today very frosty -2 last night,but lovely sunshine here at the moment , coldest night of the week so far. Wile-e still reluctant to go out and when he does he wants to come straight back in. Friday again where has the week gone , although Monday I had lunch with my lady friends . Very enjoyable and a good laugh we plan to go out again next Month.
Enjoy your Weekend stay warm and take care. Oh if you remember a funny event from your past no matter how small, do share it with us.Bye...

Saturday, 15 January 2011


We have had so much rain the Pond is up to the overflow, the ducks are enjoying it though. Especially after all that frost and frozen pond not so long ago. It hasn't been this high for at least three years. See how the boat has drifted underneath the walking plank , and got stuck. No boats rides for a while folks sorry.

Wile-e my greyhound has gone into hibernation I do believe , he just doesn't like all this wet and windy weather and refuses to budge. LOL he has just lay on his blanket and not moved.

Spring isn't that far away someone said and lots to do in the run up , I especially want to do my own flowers so it's seed trays at the ready. I think I must have spent a fortune last year on potted one's. So this year I am buying seeds and planting my own. I love Dalia's they just seem to go on and on. Such an array of colour , and plenty of fresh herb's. I shall be planting them in buckets pots and anything I can get my hands on , even empty tins. The thought of getting out there in the fresh air wonderful.

What ever you are doing this weekend enjoy it and stay happy till the next time bye for now.
Oh and that's Billy my budgie still chatting away happily, did he just say give is a kiss !!