Friday, 21 January 2011

Drifting Back...

This is a shot of the Peacock when he used to visit my garden enjoying the sunshine.
I was drifting back again this Morning of thoughts of my Auntie Hilda, while I was sipping my cuppa coffee. Remembering the times when she used to pop on a train from Kings Cross to Newcastle to pay us a visit. This must have been the late 50's early 60's , it didn't seem to matter to her what the weather was like. Nothing seemed to deter her at all, we were all clearing the snow and ice from the steps and pathway to our door before her arrival. There she was as bold as life stepping out of the taxis, smiling face with that touch of powder on her nose. Auntie was an early riser so a nice cup of tea was on it's way up to me the next morning, lovely . I took a sup and ahhh! yak what was that she had mistakenly put salt in the tea instead of sugar. Mum probably kept the salt in a jug or something I really don't know. Or maybe it was semi dark at the time , but oh how we laughed after the event. We loved her visits as I have said before in previous posts. I have always remembered that to this day , I don't know why it popped in my mind today.

Today very frosty -2 last night,but lovely sunshine here at the moment , coldest night of the week so far. Wile-e still reluctant to go out and when he does he wants to come straight back in. Friday again where has the week gone , although Monday I had lunch with my lady friends . Very enjoyable and a good laugh we plan to go out again next Month.
Enjoy your Weekend stay warm and take care. Oh if you remember a funny event from your past no matter how small, do share it with us.Bye...


  1. I love your memories from the past. Thank you for sharing them with us.

  2. lovely memories Sheila, some people just pop into our minds through the love we hold for them, they must be filed under 'love and happiness' ...
    Wonderful shot of the peacock, nice to the sunshine!! A wonderful week-end wish to you and Wile-e xPen and Bessx

  3. Blessings....

    Memories is how we keep our love ones alive. It is the one true immortality.

    Have a grand day.

  4. Lol.. love those kind of memories lol...I remember when I was small and my Gran came to stop for the day, it was a very cold day and my mum couldnt get the fire going, Gran had to travel 3 buses to get to us and was frozen.. My mum had to go fetch the younger ones from school I was off school recovering from some illness. Mum had given Gran a big shawl to wrap up in while the fire got going, and left saying the Insurance man would call and the book was on the table..Gran pulled the shawl up around her earsand half over her head to keep warm and was sat bend over the coal fire, when in walked the insurance man, who would just knock and walk in.. He started Shouting loud in Grandmas ear saying "Ive come to collect the Insurance!!.." And repeated it bending low over Grans shoulder, making her jump.. She shouted back... saying "I only COLD!!! Not DEAF!!... " and they both ended up laughing...... Live is full of laughter if we care to find the humour!..

  5. Enjoyed that little reminisce Sheila, I find I do it more often now, I go back to when the girls were little, lovely memories and so precious.
    Thanks for popping by and leaving a comment on 'men are happier' blog.
    Not sure where you heard of my back pain, but I obviously posted somewhere about the slipped discs I had over five years ago, and I still get problems due to nerve damage, though it's down my legs. though it's much better than it was, thanks.

  6. Thanks for your lovely comment Pardner...
    and congrats to you too, I've given the award to everyone, so I'll keep an eye out to see if you're going to share '7 little things' too...
    NO pressure at all, I'll just wait around, twiddling my fingers!! lol!! ;-) xpenx