Saturday, 15 January 2011


We have had so much rain the Pond is up to the overflow, the ducks are enjoying it though. Especially after all that frost and frozen pond not so long ago. It hasn't been this high for at least three years. See how the boat has drifted underneath the walking plank , and got stuck. No boats rides for a while folks sorry.

Wile-e my greyhound has gone into hibernation I do believe , he just doesn't like all this wet and windy weather and refuses to budge. LOL he has just lay on his blanket and not moved.

Spring isn't that far away someone said and lots to do in the run up , I especially want to do my own flowers so it's seed trays at the ready. I think I must have spent a fortune last year on potted one's. So this year I am buying seeds and planting my own. I love Dalia's they just seem to go on and on. Such an array of colour , and plenty of fresh herb's. I shall be planting them in buckets pots and anything I can get my hands on , even empty tins. The thought of getting out there in the fresh air wonderful.

What ever you are doing this weekend enjoy it and stay happy till the next time bye for now.
Oh and that's Billy my budgie still chatting away happily, did he just say give is a kiss !!


  1. I love those pictures. Just look at all of that green grass already. Beautiful! Billy is a handsome lad and I just blew him a kiss.
    I am always delighted to see a post from you!
    Hugs for you and Wile-e!

  2. What a difference a couple of weeks have made eh?
    Glad I popped over as you don't post often, but when you do I, like Beth,am glad I did. That pond would make a nice painting, I could just picture Constable feasting his eyes on it. and isn't Billy cute, I used to breed budgies, and have go lots of nice photos, Does he fly free?
    My viburnum doesn't flower any more, it's quite old so perhaps that's why, I won't cut them down as the birds use them as cover.
    thanks for your visit.

  3. I wish Tango and Ruby would hibernate, I really could do without going out twice a day in this weather,

  4. Good Morning Sheila, It looks like spring there already. Your photos are so Beautiful to see. I just love your pond with all the ducks. Billy is a very handsome fellow. Is he a new member of your family?
    Please give Wile-e a big hug from me, and Jesse says hello.
    We finally have accummulated some snow here as it was slow coming our way this winter. I am hoping to slap on my snowshoes this afternoon, and walk along the river on the other side of the city where I would like to live if we sell our house. It is -10 here today but it won't take long to warm up when snowshoeing.
    Thank you for stopping by for a visit. Alway nice to hear from you. Well I am going to go drink my morning coffee, and do some reading.
    Have a wonderful day what ever you do or don't do.
    Hugs and Smiles
    Dianne :)

  5. Lovely to catch up with your world Sheila, I love your blogs :)I don't get much time for blogging myself either these days but I will be out with my trusty camera again soon, take care xx

  6. Hi i have just joined your blog, you metion that you have a grey hound I love greyhounds i have always wanted one, and when i can get out of this dead end place and get back home i am going to get one,
    Love all the photos on your blog i miss the green
    Lo xx

  7. Your Pond looks lovely Sheila, and nice to see Billy, has he learnt anymore new words Yet?... I saw some sad news on a local TV station on the central news, A wonderful Japanese Garden I visited in October around 30 miles away has been ruined by the hard minus 10 to 15 degs below Zero temps' and snow in December.. A wonderful man spent the last 30 odd years building it up, and he had a lovely Pond full of Koi Carp which he said were like his friends, he must have had 20 of them some over 30 yrs old.. He lost them all as they froze and died.... such a shame..
    Many shrubs here were broken,and I think I told you we lost some of our fishes too seems the bigger ones got the worst of it.. A baby fish born in the summer is still swimming around :-) I Hope your pond flurishes and doesnt overflow... Have a happy Week!.. Dreamwalker x

  8. Your ducks must be happy to see the ice gone. They are a joy to watch and remind Wile-e that he can soon enjoy warm walks. It would be nice if dogs could have boots to wear, maybe they do, don't know.
    My hubby always started with seeds and we saved seeds for planting. I miss all that.