Saturday, 29 January 2011

Just passing to say...Have a Lovely Weekend.

My little Cacti has finally come back to life Hipeeee. Very cold here today 2 c and is staying that way up untill Tuesday at least. So I will be heading off to the kitchen to rustle something tasty for later on tonight. My mixture has finally given up the ghost though , so will have to carry on without it. Not even sure what to look for now so many different contraptions on the market. So on that note do have a wonderful weekend stay warm and keep smiling. :)


  1. Your Cacti is beautiful. How nice to see such lovely blooms in the dead of winter. Your 2 C temp is equal to 35 degrees F here which is a pretty nice winter day above freezing. LOL Just teasing you. I am right there with you in longing for winter to end. Cook something tasty and I will be right there. Put the teapot on.

  2. Yes your Cacti still very colourful, mine too had a second burst of bloom, all gone now though, I have several African Violets some a few years old, which bring me pinks and purples and cheer up my windowsill..
    Very Cold here too Sheila and Im sure what ever you russled up in the kichen was very tasty.
    Take care.. and have a relaxing weekend.. Dreamwalker xx

  3. It's been mighty cold here, but yesterday it warmed up and today, it reached 70F. Kassey enjoyed her sunny spot.
    I'd like to pass you the Stylish blogger Award. I've been doing it privately through visits. It would be my pleasure to give it to you.

  4. Hi Sheila, I am stopping by to say hello, and see what you have been up to. :)
    2C sounds pretty darn good, considering it is going down to -20 here tonight, and suppose to be real cold for the next couple of weeks. Last week we had a few day that were like -30 something. Anyhow, you and Wil-e have a good weekend, and stay warm. :)
    I was nice to see that you stopped by for a visit. Hope you were nice and cozy by the fireplace. :)
    Hugs Dianne :)

  5. I bet Will-ee has to have a coat on with these temperatures. The cactus does give a nice splash of warm colour in a grey world, I'm fed up to the back teeth with this interminably cold. Two pairs of trousers, two jumpers a cardi or body warmer, gloves hats, you feel just so frumpy. Next week warmer, but wet. sigh!
    Thanks for your visits Sheila, much appreciated.

  6. Yippeee!!! I'm so glad it recovered Sheila , and Good luck with finding a new mixer, it;s always the same when something breaks down, there's been so much change in the manufacture of the goods that you never know which to choose for the best!!
    have a great week...x Pen and her Maj x

  7. Hi Sheila. Stopping by to give you the addys of my recipe sites.

  8. Beth's recipes are wonderful, well worth a try

  9. Blessings....

    Wow....that's a beautiful cacti, didn't realize they sprang so many flowers.

    Have a great weekend.

    Thanks for stopping by, lovely to read from you.