Saturday, 29 March 2014

Spring Time '

Well I think just about everyone looks forward to Spring. Especially the first signs of the Daffodils and Snowdrops. 
A few weeks ago one of the Fir Trees had to be cut down. It was down to it obstructing the power lines . Gosh I miss that tree , although she did have a slight tilt. Piles of Logs for an open fire, if you may wish. My neighbors where delighted when I said you may help yourselves. In return they gave me a few bottles of Wine. 

How's the Wild life here in the garden, not an awful going on. I think we tend to forget from year to year. Maybe it is a quiet time for them feeding and seeking out a mate. They know when the time is ready. At least the 2 Acres here are there for the taking , and the wildlife can help themselves. 

At least there is a bit of color coming in to the garden now. 

It's quite dreary out there at the moment..But the South East of England are having 20c  quite a sunny day and warm. 
Maybe it will make it way over here to the South West. 
Enjoy your Weekend