Friday, 13 January 2012

Images Over The Years

These are some of my favourite pictures from my garden over the past 10 years. 

Woke to a cold frost covered garden , the good thing about this it is surely followed by a crisp Sunny day. Which is uplifting in it's self , especially after all the dull wet day's we've had here in the South West. The Pond at the top of the garden was covered by a very thin layer of ice. I checked the smaller pond which in turn had also a thin layer. Just in case any frogs were resting there, and gently broke the ice. 

Wile-e has been very lively these last few days , looking through the window. So we have taken a few extra walks in the sunshine.Which is also good for me as well as for him.

I tried a new Cookie recipe over the weekend , so good I was very pleased with the results. Also a Black treacle pudding , this was also very good. Served with fresh dollop of cream. As soon as Wile-e got a wiff  of the Cookies , out he ran and was behind me in no time. I think it must be the butter he can smell. Turns a dogs head. Do you find the same thing Arlene maybe? 

Beth gave me the inspiration and got me moving to making  Cookies. They are so yummy , thanks Beth so glad I did.

Well Wile- e has at last settled down on his cosy bed. So I will catch up on my reading .
Have a great week and I hope the weather isn't too unkind to you. Catch you Later :)