Monday, 27 June 2011

Sunny Sunday...

Well last week past with lots of visiting to the vets , Sophie my little canary was egg bound yet again. It was the same time last year, poor little might. Off we went one injection on Thursday , it was taking her a little longer to recover. Friday yet another injection, calcium and a special feed. A few days passed and she is doing just fine today. Back to her chirpy self and having her first bath after 5 days. Oh it brings a cheer to my heart. She is such a little treasure :)
Saturday was Wile-e 's turn he was due for his boosters and needed a nail trim. He just couldn't wait to get in the car and nearly knocked me over in the process. Good as gold we drove off , stopped and out to go into vets. MMM he was a good boy , until he realized where he was going ahhh he practically pulled me back out of the door. Eventually I managed to get him back in, there all done. LOL I couldn't help but laugh and the receptionists
Sunday was a beautiful warm and sunny day , with the temps just right about 75-deg with a little breeze. Oh I love days like these hope it lasts.
My little plant is doing well can't think of it's name . I received this in December last year for my birthday it had one flower then and no more till June. It just keeps flowering isn't it beautiful.
Well that's all for now have a great week , just off to the kitchen to prepare a lovely Fish Keran.
Take care :) Catch you later ...

Saturday, 18 June 2011

Back to the Garden

Well I sure did enjoy my holiday it was wonderful to visit my family in Newcastle. Catching up with old friends and also how their lives have changed, over the past year. As the years whip by I say to myself I just have to visit more often as you never know what is going to happen one year to another. I heard some sad news and some happy news so there you are , make the most of every new day. You never know what's around that corner...

The garden is looking pretty good , so have been plodding around doing a lot of tidying and pruning. Those roses are still doing very well , yellow red and a little wild rose has appeared I see. Oh and also a new arrival of 7 baby ducklings so very tiny at the moment , looking quite healthy though. The Pond is still pretty low so I hope all this rain we have had will make that all change soon.
Well that's it for now off to the kitchen as I still haven't opened my new food processor. Do you know it is still in it's box , I bought it about a month ago, or was that two months. Catch up with you all soon take care .:)

Saturday, 4 June 2011

Those Roses ...Woosh!! Blue-Tits

After a day in the garden I stopped by the sound of the twittering sound of Blue-Tits high in the Fir tree. I missed them they were nesting in the little box , one minute they were there and the next they had took flight. You have to be pretty quick to catch a glimpse of these little fellows taking their first flight. But the beautiful sound of them all was enough to put a smile on my face.
The top photo is my parsley which I use on various dishes mainly fish. The orange flower is a flaming Katy such a pretty colour and quite easy to grow. The past few days have been glorious sunshine a warm temperatures so not had a chance to catch up on your posts till today. Beth I must say I am thoroughly enjoying your life story , thank you very much for sharing this with us. :)
Well I was amazed at what I saw this morning outside on my Roses !! There quietly sitting underneath a leaf was a white spider. I was pruning them at the time I have never come across one of these before , and even more shocking was he had caught a small bumble bee . Has anyone ever come across one of these before ..
I am taking a holiday next week for a few days to visit my brother in Newcastle. I am looking forward to seeing him and the family. Yet the weather man said it is about to change oh well there is nothing worse than travelling in the hot sun is there !! :)
Have a great week stay happy and well see you later. :)