Friday, 15 November 2013

I Dropped My

Camera and am  I lost without it, don't know about you but getting used  to a new one isn't very exciting.  Reading up on the manual which you need a magnify glass Eye see!

Well the storm has passed , and glad to say not too bad around this area , only blew off my old summer house roof. It landed in the front garden which was a's pretty old so it needs to come down in the New Year.  

So much rain heavy and for day's on end. 

Today is calm cold and no rain ..
Monday hope to meet up with my lady friend , she is doing well and at least she is in her own home. Her daughter's live only a few miles up the road to. We shall dine out for lunch at our usual place . Roast Dins and coffee for me and Wine for my friend. 

Enjoy your Weekend I shall be doing my rounds today ,to see how you are all getting on. Take Care and stay warm. 

Saturday, 26 October 2013

A Storm is Brewing

This is the  Lull before the storm , Tomorrow will bring winds up to 90 miles per hour. Always still,  not a sound with birds taking heed..maybe getting ready also. Battern down my pots and baskets and anything else that may fly into the air.  They say the last one like this was 1987, with lots of trees down and damage. 
I shudder to think.

I have nothing planned over the weekend , so the kitchen is where I,m heading. I have a craving for a Iced chocolate cake and Cookies. 
So enjoy Hallowen may it be a enjoyable time , with your family.  
Take care and have a relaxing Weekend. 

Monday, 9 September 2013

These little guys where the only new arrivals here on the Pond top of my garden. Mum well I don't have to tell you which one that is.

What a Wonderful Summer we've had this year . August I was kept busy in the Garden as per usual , but also relaxing out there . 

I've had a few Lunches with my lady friend she's 93 . Her husband has been in and out of Hospital and now is back in the care home. She said he just isn't happy there , would rather be home I guess. That was tried but he had a fall during the early hours , and was taken into to hospital. I think he was there for quite a while , until a care home was found for him. But alas he's just not very happy at all , which in turn makes her unhappy to. 

Blackberry picking last week and a few apples from the Orchid.
Happy to say I made a apple and blackberry crumble. Served with  Cream or custard which do you prefer ..

A few weeks ago a few friends dropped by for a cuppa and we had a chat up by the Pond .So very relaxing just watching the fish and ducks swimming around, sitting on the bench.I must  admit as much as I love the seasons , wish they could last a bit longer summer seems to fly by. 

Well enjoy your coming week , the suns shining as present so I'm off outside. :) 

Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Early Morning Chorus..

Well  you probably think it's that Lovely sound of the Blackbird or maybe a Song thrush..well maybe but not this Morning.
Eawww  Eawww ! still not sure .
Well it's my neighbour over the fence, which is now blocked out with summer growth and trees. It's about 6am and I think he is out in the field . His name is Elvis he is a lovely white and quite a noisy little chappie .. Elvis is of course a Donkey. 

It's been a wet start to the week , so the garden got a long awaited downpour. The Roses have faded now 
always sad to see them go. 

Wildflowers are still going in the front garden.
Next is the Butterfly Bush , with it's lovely shade of lilac or purple.

Yesterday I had a lovely lunch with my dear friend. It was sunshine and showers , and quite warm. We had a good chat , laugh and both enjoyed a Jacket Potato with cheese and beans, and a side salad. 
Remembering me telling you , she is 92 years old and looks 

Bye for now and hope you enjoy your week. 

Saturday, 13 July 2013

Hottest Day Of The Year ..

it has indeed  phew! I am incapable of doing absolutely nothing well almost.  I have just watered my hanging baskets and my other potted plants. I have prepared a light salad of grilled bacon, stilton cheese  lettuce , rocket and coleslaw served in a bowl . I would like to call it Sheila's Special salad. So come on over , oh and served with a Ice Cool beer..

Here's a few of my Flowers in the Garden at the Moment, the Roses are doing just Great this Summer.

Bye for now 
Enjoy the Weekend 

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Lovely Trip

Bluebells in The Park 

Had a Wonderful time  visiting my brother early June , I take this time of year to enjoy some time with my family. This was a special occasion , my Nephew's Wedding and his lovely Bride Lilly. 
It was a beautiful Service which always brings a tear to my eye's , you know that feeling. It was a wonderful day and two Auntie's made it on their  Special Day. 
Walking through the Park not far from my brothers house, I couldn't resist these Gorgeous Bluebells. 

Walking further just had to visit the Winter Gardens 

A wonderful few Days enjoyed by all .

Sunday, 26 May 2013

Beautiful Day little Visitor's

Welcome Sunshine  such bliss so after doing a little light Gardening grabbed the garden chair and took a rest. Oh he certainly Caught my Eye peeking over the top of the hedge . Quite high for a sitting duck as they say.  
Swallows are few I might add , but two pair are nesting in the old Barn . 

By the Pond there is a nasty pink prickly Bush leaning over , as if to peering into the pond.  But after close inspection it's buzzing with Bumble Bees, what a delight. So it has indeed got it's uses. :) 

That made my Day .. it's been a quiet peaceful day here . With quite a bit of activity with the Wildlife. Early this Morning I got a Glimpse of the Woodpecker ,  taking nuts from the feeder. He disappeared up the tree , I'm wondering if they are maybe nesting in there. 

Enjoy your Holiday Weekend and the coming Week. 
Stay Happy 

Sunday, 28 April 2013

Blooms By The pond

These wild flowers by my smaller pond have brought a welcome visitor. The Bee I was so pleased , as they are having such a tuff time of it at the moment. When they emerge from their hide away they need to feed within in a few hours ..It has been a slow flowering year so far and most of my Daffodills are at least a month late. So a little sunshine was a warm welcome to not  only to me but our poor little Bumblebees.
Enjoy Week Ahead. 

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Meeting up for Lunch

There's nothing better than meeting up for a hearty lunch. Remember my Lady friend of 92 years old she is a Gem. Quite amazing for her age .  Her husband finally ended up in a care home. He's been there now for 4 months , alas this doesn't bring joy to my friend. Spending nights alone and missing those early morning cups of tea , and a hearty chat. Often I pick her up and off we go to the restaurant for lunch . Enjoying fresh farm veg and potatoes and a lovely roast Lamb. It's funny I take apple juice and   Betty takes a small wine , The waitress always makes the mistake , and puts the wine in front of me...:) 
Looking quite happy by this time and laughing at my  stories. It comes apparent  these are the things she misses most of all. The times when they used to go dancing , always brings a smile to her face. 

Waving goodbye she thanks me and tells me she's looking forward to our next Lunch Date. 
We share a hug :) 

A few Blooms to lighten your heart 

Sunday, 24 March 2013

March with blue skies...

Well actually this was taken last March , quite the opposite I'm afraid to say today gloomy skies stretched over ahead. Very cold with a bitter cold North breeze. BRRR...

But !!
Glad to say my little Robin visitor keeps coming back to the feeder every Morning. He sits on the end of the summerhouse peering in at me , waiting for me to fill the feeder..  :) Oh that lightens my heart .

Enjoy the coming week and stay warm. 
You never Know the Sun may make appearance. 

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

The most Beautiful Sound

The early Morning Chorus what a wonderful sound to great you in the early Morning..Am I Lucky .
Tow days ago Bull Finches came to visit a pair , I watched as they darted about in the front garden from my front South facing Window. 
Walking my lovely Lucy (Lurcher) up the country Lane , a sound of that beautiful little bird The SkyLark sang constantly way high in the partially blue and cloudy sky. I was transfixed for a few moments , until she just suddenly dropped straight down to the grass. The reason for this was flying slowly near by was a Sparrow Hark , her reason became clear to me. 

The last two days have been partially sunny days , after a week of hard early morning frosts. Actually I much prefer the frost to damp and drizzle days, colder and crisper give me anytime. Snowdrops are all dotted around my garden , I've chosen my small pond area.
Snow drops by the Pond 

A cluster of my Flowers and Memory,s  to Share with you.