Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Meeting up for Lunch

There's nothing better than meeting up for a hearty lunch. Remember my Lady friend of 92 years old she is a Gem. Quite amazing for her age .  Her husband finally ended up in a care home. He's been there now for 4 months , alas this doesn't bring joy to my friend. Spending nights alone and missing those early morning cups of tea , and a hearty chat. Often I pick her up and off we go to the restaurant for lunch . Enjoying fresh farm veg and potatoes and a lovely roast Lamb. It's funny I take apple juice and   Betty takes a small wine , The waitress always makes the mistake , and puts the wine in front of me...:) 
Looking quite happy by this time and laughing at my  stories. It comes apparent  these are the things she misses most of all. The times when they used to go dancing , always brings a smile to her face. 

Waving goodbye she thanks me and tells me she's looking forward to our next Lunch Date. 
We share a hug :) 

A few Blooms to lighten your heart 


  1. blessings....
    wow 92, that must be a wonderful experience. I use to have many older friends when i was a young girl and i enjoyed there company immensely.

    love the flowers.
    enjoy the rest of your week


  2. Love your Amaryllis. It's great that you are friends with this 92 year old lady. Have a great week.

  3. The flowers are beautiful!!

    You are so sweet, remembering your friend with lunch! xoxo

  4. This lady is truly amazing and we have so much in common. Thank you all for your comments. :)

  5. Sounds like you had a lovely lunch! Thank you for sharing with us. Those flowers did lighten my heart indeed :)

  6. That is so sweet that you take your friend to lunch. I'm sure she enjoys it so, especially with her husband being away. My grandma is turning 90 this summer and I love to have lunch with her and hang out.

    Very pretty blooms!

  7. Well hello there Sheila. Just had to come and have a visit after you leaped across the pond to say hello, and wish me a Happy Easter.
    Your flowers are all very pretty, and cheers ones heart to see them. It has been a long winter this year. Yea! Spring has arrived finally. I was down by the Bay the other day and my Swans have arrived back and checking out their nesting grounds. Soon the miracle of new birth will begin all over again. Someone told me they seen 8 swans flying over and believe them to be the swans that were born last Spring, and I think they are right.

    I was at Presqu'ile Provincial Park back in Febuary looking for owls and to my surprise saw some swans flying over the shore of Lake Ontario, and I was able to capture them. The photo on my header is one of those swans. It was such a pleasant surprise. I was thrilled indeed.

    Well there you go, I think I just wrote a blog on your blog. Ha!

    Thank you ever so much for thinking of me and dropping by for a visit. And, I hope you have a very Blessed Easter.
    Sending Hugs across the pond.
    Dianne :)

  8. She sounds quite healthy for 92. It's wonderful that the two of you have found each other.

  9. Sharing time with your friend is a priceless gift.

    My amaryllis bulbs are defunct, I believe, so I'm happy to view yours. :)

  10. Hi there Sheila, I finally made it. (turn right at the corner of Wordpress not left!!!) ... Betty sounds a wonderful lady to know... I had a friend just like her, she had such a wonderful outlook on life. Hugs shared between friends are so, so special.
    Thank you for such lovely blooms on show to lighten your heart this cold Spring. Hugs to you and li'l Lucy... (never forgetting Wile-e and My Girl... xxx) hugs aplenty Pen.xx

    1. Hi Pen thank you glad you made it , Betty is a wonderful lady when she visited her husband in hospital , They said well I have never met a lady in her 90's that look like you !
      :) x

    2. Hope you and Li'l Lucy are enjoying good weather Sheila, we've had sunshine with wild winds trying to topple us over. I'm just watching a squirrel eating peanuts from our bird table, ... and now he's gone... Wish I'd had my camera nearby... hugs and woofs to you both.

  11. What a lovely post and gesture Sheila, I hope that if I got to that age or near it, that someone would be kind to me, though i'd like to think my family would make sure I wasn't lonely.
    hugs to you for it. xx

  12. Thank you Arlene , we went shopping on Monday gone . It's great she headed to the makeup counter , which brought a smile to my face.
    Hugs xx

  13. Blessings...
    just checking in, hope all is well.

    enjoy the rest of your week. Its snowing here today!

    1. Lovely to see you here Rhapsody, Hailstone and sunshine yesterday what a mixed bag we are all having.

  14. How precious to have a lovely friendship with this lady. She sounds like a sweetheart. Your photos are lovely.

  15. Thank you Linda lovely of you to stop by...

  16. It's great to have lunch with old friends.

  17. just dropping by to say Hi, to you and Li'l Lucy, Sheila, hope the sun is shining down... we're overcast but I'm sure the clouds will clear away... Hope you have a lovely day, Hugs and woofs.. xPenx