Sunday, 22 May 2011

Changing Colours

My Roses are coming along very nicely all a beautiful shade of yellow, except for one it has a tinted pink around the edges. It got me thinking why only one , these are just outside my window . So as I pass by them every day there is yet another little bloom. Don't you just love the colour it's so pretty and the most uplifting colour I know. It got me thinking of a little Canary I had about 8 years ago now . I called her Tina happy little thing she was and she just loved raw carrot. So every day I cut a piece up and she would immediately get stuck in. As time went by I noticed a change in her feathers , and realized she was indeed turning pretty shade of Orange. I couldn't believe it well I never , I will always remember this with great affection for my little Canary . Funny how things just pop into your mind like that , thought I would share with you. It's been dull and windy here most of the day , but the Sun has finally made an appearance. Hope you are all having a wonderful Sunday :)

Sunday, 8 May 2011

Who's That Lady .....

I came across this little photo of me and my Mum taken in the early 1960's . I think my Uncle who was taking the picture used a Brownie Box Camera the photo was only 2ins/2ins so quite small. Mum was holding onto Roy my Uncle's dog and where-ever he went Roy always came to. Don't you just love those coats , especially mum's with tapered waist line. I don't remember much about that day but it must have been a Garden Fete , somewhere in the North East /Eng. Happy Mother's Day to all my American Friends. Have a Great Week..

Sunday, 1 May 2011

Few More Blooms

These have got to be my favourite little flowers just by the Pond at the top of my garden. So pretty and delicate first of all green and then they turn a creamy white. Sunshine warm and dry days this last week and accomplished lots in the garden . The ducks are still here but there is one in particular that has been here a few years now a little female. Notice the picture of her on the right side of my page. I had just been sitting in the deck chair when she came close by and sat under the chair I was sitting in.
I mentioned the Fir trees just outside the back of house , well after watering my flowers I just happen to be walking under one. There she was a tiny little bird flitting around the bottom branches , taking no notice of me at all. So cute just like a little humming bird, I couldn't move as I was afraid I would frighten her away. I tell you what I was in my glory she was so very close.

I hope your week has been good to you , and I must say I thoroughly enjoyed watching the Royal Wedding on Friday. The dress was simply beautiful and they looked so much in Love.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend and stay happy :)