Sunday, 1 May 2011

Few More Blooms

These have got to be my favourite little flowers just by the Pond at the top of my garden. So pretty and delicate first of all green and then they turn a creamy white. Sunshine warm and dry days this last week and accomplished lots in the garden . The ducks are still here but there is one in particular that has been here a few years now a little female. Notice the picture of her on the right side of my page. I had just been sitting in the deck chair when she came close by and sat under the chair I was sitting in.
I mentioned the Fir trees just outside the back of house , well after watering my flowers I just happen to be walking under one. There she was a tiny little bird flitting around the bottom branches , taking no notice of me at all. So cute just like a little humming bird, I couldn't move as I was afraid I would frighten her away. I tell you what I was in my glory she was so very close.

I hope your week has been good to you , and I must say I thoroughly enjoyed watching the Royal Wedding on Friday. The dress was simply beautiful and they looked so much in Love.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend and stay happy :)


  1. I think the little white flower is very beautiful! I used to love watching the hummingbirds. Unfortunately where I am living now there are no flowers or shrubs to attract them.
    What fun having the mama duck comes back each year.


  2. I think you have gained a life long friend in the little ducky. She seems to trust you and needs to be near you. I do wish your little duck well.

  3. A lovely post Sheila, memories are made of these magic moments, treasure them as they don't happen often enough.
    The garden looks very nice, much more colour than mine has, the white flower? is it a Vibirnum Carlessii [ Snowball.] I have several in the garden.
    The pics at the bottom of the page are lovely too. dear Wile-e looks like he's too shy to have his photo taken.

  4. Thank you for your comments yes it is a Vibirnum Arlene they are so pretty. This little duck is truly special and yes Horst she does seem to trust me. I am blessed Beth to have this little visitor to want to be so close by. Many thanks.

  5. Oh my goodness, that is so precious.Love the photo of little Miss Duck laying by your chair.
    How does Wile-e get along with the ducks. Wouldn't it be cool if they could become friends. also. Wile-e seems so gentle and loving. Love the picture of Wile-e down below. Your flower garden looks so nice.
    Still waiting for it to warm up here. It has been cool and raining for the most part with a few nice days in between.
    It is hard to believe it is May and so cool. Anyway the grass is getting green and the buts have spurted open , and the flowers are growing and it won't be long until they bloom.
    Well you take care and have a good week, Sheila.
    xx's Dianne :)

  6. lol, pardon by type o. That should read,"buds", not buts. :)

  7. HI Sheila, Lovely flowering buds, and your description of the little bird brought a smile to my lips. It must have been a wonderful moment.
    Many thanks for your comment about my girl, (I can't seem to type much about her without filling up, as now, but I know it will get easier with time.) hugs to you my friend. and bye for now. xPenx

  8. Thank you for your comment Pen good to see you back hope you feel better, I know it's a slow healing process hugs Sheila x Oh Dianne buts that made me laugh I just love that word thank you for your lovely comments many blessing. Sheila xx