Friday, 17 April 2015

Spring Blooms

This is a Wonderful time of year everything springs to life. They lay dormant over the Winter, and then colour blooms start to appear. The top yellow looks like a Buttercup, although I'm not sure. 
 Doesn't time fly by I have been keeping up reading your blogs, at least. 

A Long Tailed-Tit for the first time here I will admit, started nesting in The small prickly bush outside the living room window. 

The Pansies were almost dead , well I thought over winter. So I pulled off all the dead bits hanging down and in a matter of weeks. Plenty of water and sunshine they are blooming lovely.

I will post some more later of my lovely pond area, but still have a lot of tidying up to do down there 
before the Daffodils die off .

Hope you are all well and the weather has been good to you. Here in Cornwall we
have had a glorious week. 

It's staying dry but will cool down to 13c to 15c this weekend.
Catch you later take care.