Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Wile-e (Through is Eye's)

Yawn!! It's time this rain gave up the ghost, will it ever stop I say. I was just lying here looking out of the window and thinking about those lovely people who showed up a few weeks ago. I got so excited and they where pleased to see me to, and gave me lots of strokes on my head. I was even given cake just love mum's cake , but this was just a tasty. Bye they gone now where I don't know. Shucks!
I noticed mum the other day holding her head between her hands, and so looked up at her till she took notice of me. She turned and started chatting to me I listened to every word , my eyebrows going from side to side. Trying to piece it together mm not sure but sounded to me to be in a lower tone of voice. Mum got up and looked out of the Window and looked up to the sky, a bit of blue. Come on Wile-e she shouted yes I'm I'm here , come on then. As we walked around the Pond we noticed those tiny little black things (Moorhen's) being fed by mum and dad. That's Nature I guess...Woof Woof bye for now Folks. One happy little dog trots off with his mum..

Sunday, 8 April 2012

Wile-e Through His Eye's

Love this warmer dry weather 
Mum lets me off the lead and I have a lovely breathtaking run around the Pond. Once that lead comes off there is no stopping me Woosh.............I'm off. FREEDOM  YAHOOO ! In fact When in full sprint I can't come to a halt just like that , I just carry on till I'm out of breath. Fantastic. But it's back to dull chilly day's so I'm not so keen I always  take a good look outside first, on the top step to see if it's not Wet!! that's it I won't budge , Mum calls me a big softy . Who me , no it's just I don't like it too soft under foot . 
A very nice Lady came to stay a a year ago, 3weeks ago  actually mum says. Oh my she brought me some lovely little Gravy Biscuits  Yummy , so I guess every time someone comes in through that door , Well there must be something in that big bag thing for me... Right mmm.  Well mum is getting her coat on I just heard  that Zip go up on her coat , and that's my Q . A walk up to the Farm oh goody I might just see my little chum , the Highland Terrier. I tell you she is so cute , Catch you Later .
Happy Easter Everyone Woof Woof