Sunday, 8 April 2012

Wile-e Through His Eye's

Love this warmer dry weather 
Mum lets me off the lead and I have a lovely breathtaking run around the Pond. Once that lead comes off there is no stopping me Woosh.............I'm off. FREEDOM  YAHOOO ! In fact When in full sprint I can't come to a halt just like that , I just carry on till I'm out of breath. Fantastic. But it's back to dull chilly day's so I'm not so keen I always  take a good look outside first, on the top step to see if it's not Wet!! that's it I won't budge , Mum calls me a big softy . Who me , no it's just I don't like it too soft under foot . 
A very nice Lady came to stay a a year ago, 3weeks ago  actually mum says. Oh my she brought me some lovely little Gravy Biscuits  Yummy , so I guess every time someone comes in through that door , Well there must be something in that big bag thing for me... Right mmm.  Well mum is getting her coat on I just heard  that Zip go up on her coat , and that's my Q . A walk up to the Farm oh goody I might just see my little chum , the Highland Terrier. I tell you she is so cute , Catch you Later .
Happy Easter Everyone Woof Woof 


  1. Happy Easter Wile-e you sweet thing and Happy Easter to your mum too.

    Hugs to you both!

  2. Blessings and happy easter.
    I too am enjoying the warmt

    stay blessed.

  3. Nice to see you Wile-e. I wish I were there with my Jesse and we all could go for a walk by the pond together. Not sure that Jesse would be able to keep up to you as he is almost 10yrs. old now, and has much shorter legs than you,but I am sure you both would be good friends just the same.

    Hope you and your mom had a wonderful and Blessed Easter.
    Hugs to you both.
    Dianne and Jesse :)

  4. Oh Wile-e how nice to see you enjoy yourself and enjoying the nice weather, Tango and Ruby love to go out whatever the weather and if you were here and went out with them, you'd love it, especially along the beach, take care and keep warm, and not too many of these biscuits now, you might get fat. Happy Easter XXX

  5. Happy Easter Wile-e, happy Easter Mum.

  6. Well i hope you had a good time for Easter Wile-e!!!
    Thank your mum so much for her sweet comment on my blog! ;-)

    Big hugs