Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Wile-e (Through is Eye's)

Yawn!! It's time this rain gave up the ghost, will it ever stop I say. I was just lying here looking out of the window and thinking about those lovely people who showed up a few weeks ago. I got so excited and they where pleased to see me to, and gave me lots of strokes on my head. I was even given cake just love mum's cake , but this was just a tasty. Bye they gone now where I don't know. Shucks!
I noticed mum the other day holding her head between her hands, and so looked up at her till she took notice of me. She turned and started chatting to me I listened to every word , my eyebrows going from side to side. Trying to piece it together mm not sure but sounded to me to be in a lower tone of voice. Mum got up and looked out of the Window and looked up to the sky, a bit of blue. Come on Wile-e she shouted yes I'm I'm here , come on then. As we walked around the Pond we noticed those tiny little black things (Moorhen's) being fed by mum and dad. That's Nature I guess...Woof Woof bye for now Folks. One happy little dog trots off with his mum..


  1. Hi Wile-e! It is really great seeing a post from you. You look very nice in the photo.

    Hugs to you and your mum.

  2. Hey Wile-e, sounds like your living the good life. Get it while you can, that's what I say.

  3. Wile-e you are such a clever creature telling such a wonderful tale, I know you don't like rain, as like Ruby you haven't got a thick bushy coat like Tango has, so the cold and rain go right to your skin, just think though if you were a Moorhen you wouldn't mind the rain. :-) I hope though, that you get more nice sunny skies so you anc your Mum and Dad can go for more walks, Hugs and licky licks from Tango and Ruby XX

  4. Blessings....
    lol,its interesting that you are talking about the rain. Why not go out and frocklic in it? As I speak now its raining. I am looking out my office window asn I type, looking at the green trees, dark yellow trees, the brown trees and the bright yellow trees all bloom because of the rain.