Friday, 15 November 2013

I Dropped My

Camera and am  I lost without it, don't know about you but getting used  to a new one isn't very exciting.  Reading up on the manual which you need a magnify glass Eye see!

Well the storm has passed , and glad to say not too bad around this area , only blew off my old summer house roof. It landed in the front garden which was a's pretty old so it needs to come down in the New Year.  

So much rain heavy and for day's on end. 

Today is calm cold and no rain ..
Monday hope to meet up with my lady friend , she is doing well and at least she is in her own home. Her daughter's live only a few miles up the road to. We shall dine out for lunch at our usual place . Roast Dins and coffee for me and Wine for my friend. 

Enjoy your Weekend I shall be doing my rounds today ,to see how you are all getting on. Take Care and stay warm.