Sunday, 15 November 2015

A Shopping Trip....and a little bit more.

 This is Lucy my Lurcher 

Shopping,  that's as interesting as it get's. 

Well mum where have you been.
Food shopping to be exact just an ordinary Monday , at my local Supermarket.  After trailing round for an hour , mission accomplished. Packed it away in the boot of my car .
Thought I would pop back in store for a take away Costa Coffee , really needed Cuppa.

There she was beautiful Bubbles as I found out later what her name was.  Yes it was a  Greyhound , my weakness  as some of you may know. A weary looking guy in a wheel chair wanted quite frankly a dog sitter , while he was doing his food shop. I do it for you I promptly volunteered , I couldn't resist those big brown eye's looking up at me.  
I stood I sat and patted her , took for a short toilet run. Drank my lovely coffee feeling a little better after that much needed drink. Waiting and I can tell you the people you meet in that one hour is quite amazing.  Yes an Hour you heard right...but I didn't mind really. Two friends of mine I hadn't seen for almost three years , a good looking guy took a shine to her and we chatted for 20 mins at least.

Finally he showed up and offered me a coffee , but I politely refused thanking him. As I had more errands to run. Bye Bubbles it was fun and a pleasure .   You may say that was my good deed for the day, But in fact it made my day, but hey that's just me I suppose.

Here are some Pictures from my Garden  through August  to Oct  this year .
It has been a great time for the Roses , Red Hot Pokers and the Orchard  also, giving a few varieties of Apples. The Ducks on my Lake  are always a pleasure to observe through the Summer months.
 That is a Christmas Cacti   which is doing just fine. It brings a bit of color in October , it is now fully bloomed.  

Have a Good week and enjoy each day as it comes.