Friday, 20 January 2017

Cold and Frosty

Cold noses and warm toes , well keeping warm is everyone's priority.

AS I glance outside my window I see 4 new Daffodils sprouting  up.  They don't seem to mind the cold frosty mornings . Blackbirds shuffling about poking at the fallen leaves, so see what lies beneath.
Trees bare all except the Fir trees and Conifers.
The days are indeed getting longer which at last brings some relief.
Next will be the Snowdrops .

Next weekend Is the BIG BIRDWATCH  here in the UK.
My garden is the perfect place for this event between 28-30 January .
I shall be sitting with a cup of coffee and take notes of what I see for one hour.
As I've many windows here each room as a perfect view of the Garden .

This is only one view from the side window

Side of house showing Neighbours across the road

 These are warm slippers from my sister.

Nosey Lucy .

Wishing you all well . Thinking of Washington today.