Sunday, 24 March 2013

March with blue skies...

Well actually this was taken last March , quite the opposite I'm afraid to say today gloomy skies stretched over ahead. Very cold with a bitter cold North breeze. BRRR...

But !!
Glad to say my little Robin visitor keeps coming back to the feeder every Morning. He sits on the end of the summerhouse peering in at me , waiting for me to fill the feeder..  :) Oh that lightens my heart .

Enjoy the coming week and stay warm. 
You never Know the Sun may make appearance. 


  1. We are gloomy with very cold winds today, too! I'm so tired of the cold weather. Your robin visitor sounds sweet :) I love robins.

  2. Every morning when I draw back the curtains i hope to see the sun, and am disappointed time and again, has he forsaken us forever?
    from a very cold and fed up Ruby and Arlene XX