Sunday, 26 May 2013

Beautiful Day little Visitor's

Welcome Sunshine  such bliss so after doing a little light Gardening grabbed the garden chair and took a rest. Oh he certainly Caught my Eye peeking over the top of the hedge . Quite high for a sitting duck as they say.  
Swallows are few I might add , but two pair are nesting in the old Barn . 

By the Pond there is a nasty pink prickly Bush leaning over , as if to peering into the pond.  But after close inspection it's buzzing with Bumble Bees, what a delight. So it has indeed got it's uses. :) 

That made my Day .. it's been a quiet peaceful day here . With quite a bit of activity with the Wildlife. Early this Morning I got a Glimpse of the Woodpecker ,  taking nuts from the feeder. He disappeared up the tree , I'm wondering if they are maybe nesting in there. 

Enjoy your Holiday Weekend and the coming Week. 
Stay Happy 


  1. He looks like he is playing hide and seek with you. How cute!

  2. Awesome to have a duck brooding in a bush on your property. So cute to see the duck peeking of the brush. Have a wonderful day and week.

  3. Lots of wildlife activity going on here, too! Love the photo of the duck. Enjoy your weekend!

  4. They are blessed.... those that admire nature.

  5. fantastic photo Sheila, he seems to be on the 'look out'... mayhap for other ducks?... :-) Lovely to have such sunshiny days at last, although today seems a bit overcast and looking to stay that way. hugs to you and Li'l Lucy... xPenx

    1. Thank you Pen he stayed up there for a spell cheeky chappie.
      The days have been brilliant warm sunshine Yey!!
      Had a few days away so just catching up.
      Hugs Sheila , Lucy is so enjoying the garden what fun!

  6. How wonderful having a duck around!!!