Monday, 27 June 2011

Sunny Sunday...

Well last week past with lots of visiting to the vets , Sophie my little canary was egg bound yet again. It was the same time last year, poor little might. Off we went one injection on Thursday , it was taking her a little longer to recover. Friday yet another injection, calcium and a special feed. A few days passed and she is doing just fine today. Back to her chirpy self and having her first bath after 5 days. Oh it brings a cheer to my heart. She is such a little treasure :)
Saturday was Wile-e 's turn he was due for his boosters and needed a nail trim. He just couldn't wait to get in the car and nearly knocked me over in the process. Good as gold we drove off , stopped and out to go into vets. MMM he was a good boy , until he realized where he was going ahhh he practically pulled me back out of the door. Eventually I managed to get him back in, there all done. LOL I couldn't help but laugh and the receptionists
Sunday was a beautiful warm and sunny day , with the temps just right about 75-deg with a little breeze. Oh I love days like these hope it lasts.
My little plant is doing well can't think of it's name . I received this in December last year for my birthday it had one flower then and no more till June. It just keeps flowering isn't it beautiful.
Well that's all for now have a great week , just off to the kitchen to prepare a lovely Fish Keran.
Take care :) Catch you later ...


  1. Good Morning Sheila, Sounds like your dear pets have been keeping you busy. Glad Sophie is back to her chirpy self, and that is so funny about Wile-e pulling you back out of the vets. They are so precious, aren't they and healthy for us as they so often make us laugh, which is good medicine for sure.
    I walked to my Dentist's this morning, and just got back a little while ago, and had breakfast on the front porch. It is a beautiful, sunny warm day here also. I so love this time of year, and hope it lasts for a very long time.
    I love being outside as you know. We eat out on either our back deck or front porch everyday accept if it is raining hard.
    I have a couple of hours before I go to work so I am hoping to do a little catch up with a few of my blogger friends such as yourself.
    Oh, by the way, your flowers are so so beautiful. What a wonderful gift, that just keep going on and on with these pretty flowers.
    Well you take care and have a wonderful week.
    Give Wile-e a big hug for me.
    Thanks for stopping by for a visit and for thinking of us.
    Hugs, Dianne :)

  2. That is a beautiful flower. So glad little Sophie is chirping again, poor baby. It worries us so when our pets aren't well.
    I thought it was cute how Wile-e was happy about his vet visit.

  3. You are giving your pets tender loving care and they are so appreciative.

    The flower is lovely, in fact all of your photos are great,

  4. Its funny how the animals recognize the vets isn't it?? lol The flower is beautiful:) xx

  5. Hi Sheila, new avatar? lovely and it is of your very pretty flower, t looks like a dwarf Amaryliss doesn't it, but I don't know,
    I'm glad little Sophie is back to her chirpie self, poor little thing, it can't be very comfortable, and reminds me of when my budgies used to get it and constipated!
    Poor Will-e, thinking he was going for a pleasant outing and it was the men in white coats, scary creatures, I'm very lucky Tango greets them all with the same, Hi I'm Tango wanna be friends?
    Well it's his and Ruby's walkie time so I'd best shift myself, I've had a lazy afternoon going through books stores online and got two new painting books to keep me occupied.

  6. Just stopping by to see what is new and to say hello across the pond. Trust all is well.
    Have a wonderful week Sheila.
    Dianne :)

  7. Blessings....
    Love the hibiscus flower. Those grow like wild flower in my country of birth (Trinidad).

    You have a good hand for growing things....
    keep it coming.

    Have a grand week.

  8. Hi Sheila, haven't heard from you for a while, though I admit to being a bit offline myself, hope we catch up with one another soon, Hope all is well.
    Tickle behind the ear for Wile-e
    Arlene, Tango and Ruby