Saturday, 18 June 2011

Back to the Garden

Well I sure did enjoy my holiday it was wonderful to visit my family in Newcastle. Catching up with old friends and also how their lives have changed, over the past year. As the years whip by I say to myself I just have to visit more often as you never know what is going to happen one year to another. I heard some sad news and some happy news so there you are , make the most of every new day. You never know what's around that corner...

The garden is looking pretty good , so have been plodding around doing a lot of tidying and pruning. Those roses are still doing very well , yellow red and a little wild rose has appeared I see. Oh and also a new arrival of 7 baby ducklings so very tiny at the moment , looking quite healthy though. The Pond is still pretty low so I hope all this rain we have had will make that all change soon.
Well that's it for now off to the kitchen as I still haven't opened my new food processor. Do you know it is still in it's box , I bought it about a month ago, or was that two months. Catch up with you all soon take care .:)


  1. We missed you while you were on holiday!!

    The rose is just gorgeous!!


  2. I too missed you Sheila, I can't do without a visit from my favourite people, but I must be honest time has been in short supply lately and I often need someone to comment on my blog to give me the dig that maybe I haven't visited them lately. so thanks for the mention on my Conversation pieces. Yes I have a couple of photos of me as a little girl, only two or three though as cameras were an expensive luxury in those days, so I'm going to look out some photos and try and do a bit of a timeline in my life, so no complaints now you suggested it.
    Back to your post. Nice to see you enjoyed your holiday and catching up with family, I do hope the bad news wasn't too bad, and the good was really joyful.
    I too have been busy gardening, at least I was till this blessed rain has been hovering round every stroke of the hour waiting to pounce, and when it does, run for cover.
    I bought a few plants yesterday when out with Karen,and extended a bit of border to get a few more in. so planted some lovely purple sage, Erigeron,Dianthus and Mrs Popple Fuschia, I took a few before and after photos and might put them up.
    New baby ducks! what a lot of delightful little adventures to observe, how lucky you are.
    Now don't get too carried away with the new food processor and forget all about us.
    Hugs to Will-e from Tango, Ruby and me. X

  3. Glad to hear you had a lovely time with your family :) Its always good to get back home though isn't it? Looking forward to seeing some pics of the baby ducks! Have fun with the food processor :) xx

  4. Blessings...
    beautiful flower, you got the touch. glad u have a wonderful time with friends and family.

    One of the things i learn about new purchases, always test it out in the event their are problems because if you don't and then the time to return/exchange has expired then you are stuck with the defective one and facing the expense of a new one.

    take care
    enjoy your weekend.
    stay blessed.

  5. Glad to hear your back, Love your yellow rose, Ive always loved roses. The High-breads you have in England are the best. Our winters here in Edmonton are far to harsh for them to thrive.

  6. I just love your yellow rose!

  7. We love your blog, and we're second.
    Glorinha and Rogerio Rinaldi
    Creators earring Look of the day ....
    You have a great Sunday.

  8. Just drifting by to say thanks for comment on my photos I do like my new make over and very glad I spent the lolly and had it done, I wonder if the little piggy will ever get fattened up again :-)
    and yes we were lucky with the weather. got some photos which I will put up if they're any good.