Friday, 30 September 2011

Warm September

Well it's been a while since my last post but Blogspot has almost lost my interest . By that I mean I can't leave comments unless I sign Annoymous , so please bare with me. Also friends can't get onto my posts, so I hope you can today.

September has been at it's warmest for over a week now, and for most of the Country. So lots of people are out enjoying themselves on our beautiful Coast line along Devon and Cornwall.

Getting back to the garden when the lawn has been mowed it looks like the above , so with the fine weather it's looking good . The holly bush is coming along nicely , crab apple tree and the remaining Hydrangea's are still a pretty blue. There has also been new arrivals on the pond as you can see which took me by surprise. But at least it has been warm for them , they are now be 3weeks old. It's been 3 weeks since my sisters visit which seems like a lot longer than that. It was great to have a lovely girlie time and we went out every day. As we won't see each other now for at least 10 months at least. Wile-e was very excited to see her and in his excitment (unknown to us) pulled all the stuffing out of his duvet. The room looked like a snow storm had hit it. Little Tinker we couldn't tell him off though we just laughed. :)

Friday is cake cooking day for me and I found a lovely little recipe for Little Lemon Puddings. It makes a nice change and they are very light , from the Victoria Sponge recipe. So I make about ten in my ramikins. I shall put the recipe on later today or tomorrow.

Till then bye for now and enjoy the warm sunshine while it's still here , catch you later. :)


  1. Little lemon puddings. Yumm! that sounds good. I love anything made with lemons.

    I am always happy to see a post from you!


  2. It seems that you are not the only one to have problems with leaving comments. Hope it works out.

    I'm amazed to see that you have little duckies in your pond you must have warm winters in your neck of the world. I've never seen wild ducklings this late in the year.

  3. Hi Sheila, I somehow manage to catch you, when you post Anonymous I know it's you as no one else has the nom de plume, annoying though it must be for you, maybe google forums have an answer?
    In general I prefer Blogspot to WP, apart from the fact that you can't leave replies to comments, and that I find a real pain, as a big part of blogging, for me anyhow, is the interaction of conversation, if I don't get feedback I'm afraid I lose interest.
    I agree this September has been simply wonderful, and it can last till next Easter for me.
    It's lovely that the ducks will have a chance to enjoy a good start with the clement weather, sunshine is so good for all creatures, though I don't suppose they'd mind it colder.
    Lemon puddings sound ust the ticket in this weather, not too heavy and yummy. invite please!!
    Lisa my g'daughter phoned last night, 'fancy a picnic Nan' so we [some of the family] are off into the New Forest for a nice day out. must fly and get some goodies organised, Lemon Pudding would go down well, Be good to yourself, and better to Wile-e. Hugs {0}

  4. Lost internet, so I'll try again. I'd love to have some Lemon Pudding. I found you on an old 'Kassey' blog and clicked. I've seen 'anonymous' several times, didn't know who it was. Blogger has blocked photos today or some software,makes me ill tempered

  5. Hi Sheila, Are you sure it isn't your Browser that is causing the problem. I had problems awhile back with windows explorer,so I switched to Mozilla and haven't had anymore problems. When using explorer, I couldn't leave comments other than using Anonymous, like you. I think part of the problem was that they weren't fully compatible.
    Thank you so much for your comments and visits, and I always knew it was you because you sighed your name, and spoke of dear sweet Wile-e.
    That is funny hearing that Wile-e tore the stuffing out of his duvet. Jesse sometimes does that with his stuffed toys. I learned not to throw them out, because he loves to play with them and shake them even if there is no stuffing left in them. He is so funny to watch.

    Nice to hear you are having such nice weather and you have new ducklings to enjoy.

    Well I had better soon get some shuteye as 6 A.M comes early.
    Take care and I hope you don't give up blogging. I would sure miss you.
    Hugs, Dianne :)

  6. Thank you all very much for your comments , have a wonderful week. Sheila :)

  7. Hi Sheila, thank you so much for all the lovely comments you leave on my blog, it must be very frustrating not to be able to leave comments under your blogger name. My friend couldn't post on my blog last week, I think she got round the problem by fiddling with the cookies, might be worth a try! Please don't lose interest, I love reading about Wile-e and seeing what is happening in your beautiful garden, on the pond etc. Hope you can fix your gremlins soon, take care xx

  8. Hi Sheila, Just stopping by to say hello, and see what is new across the pond. Hope to find you and Wile-e doing well. Thanks for your resent visit. Always nice to hear from you.
    Take care and have a wonderful week.
    x's Dianne :)

  9. Blessings....

    hope you are well and life is being good to you and you are in turn being good to yourself.

    Sometimes i have that same headache. You can also leave comments by clicking on NAME/URL and enter your name and blog address.