Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Cheeky Chappy and Buds in November.

Well Hello I do hope I find you all well and Happy, just been having trouble getting on Blogspot. So I thought I would try adding a post tonight.

Wile-e my darling greyhound some of you will have already met him, is just getting over a visit to the vets. It's ok nothing serious just a teeth clean and his nails needed clipping. When I picked him up (to be expected) he was not a happy boy at all. This was Thursday last he insisted on being miserable and giving me those (what did you do to me looks) mind you I suppose his poor mouth was feeling a little tender , as he wouldn't eat his biscuits for a few days. He just seemed to loose all of his sparkle and that cheeky personality had temporary left him. ....But at last yesterday he was back to his normal cheeky chappy self again and that was just great!! Oh I was Happy :) and I think he trusts me again as he jumped in the back seat of the car , I was worried that he would associate the car = vets , so I thought I would share this with you. Lets hope he doesn't have to go again , well not for a long time anyhow.

I hope you can find your way here as I have been signing anonymous comments, as it was the only way I could. Here are some of my plants hope you enjoy and I will catch you later, take care:) Have a lovely Week come rain or shine. :)


  1. Yay, so pleased to read a blog from you :) Poor Wile-e, I am glad he has forgiven you :)I love your plants, my Christmas cacti are not even showing buds yet, let alone come into bloom! They do usually bloom in time for Christmas though, our house does not have enough light I don't think. Love to you and Wile-e xxx

  2. Your plants are beautiful!!!
    I am glad Wile-e is finally feeling better. I feel the same way for a few days after i have my teeth cleaned. lol


  3. Wow that top flower is a beauty, and your Christmas Cactus is awesome. My Christmas Cactus is just starting to bloom as well, and it is pink like yours. It is amazing how our pets can manipulate us with their emotions.

  4. I agree with Horst, love that top flower Sheila.
    Glad to hear Wile-e has forgiven you and is getting over his dental work, Ruby has thankfully got over her Fireworks scare. Hugs to Wile-e bet his breath smells nice and sweet, so I won't mind planting a kiss on his lips XXXX

  5. Blessings....
    Oh your flowers are lovely.

    Have wonder filled weekend.



  6. Hi Sheila, I think you've currently posted on WP as I got an email telling me, but picked this up from my Blogspot. I'm trying to catch up on my faithful few, so thanks for comment on my posts. appreciated as always I'd had the 'IN' ..... one sitting on the desktop for a while and decided to finish it off and get rid of it, I enjoyed the word game, exercised the brain for a change. :-)
    I hope you and |Wile-e are doing Ok and are enjoying weather as good as we are experiencing right now, it is just so mild, though the temperature is dropping. I hope Wile-e has got over his teeth clean and the cost wasn't enough to give you a heart attack. frightening things vet bills.
    I usually take the dogs out at 4.30, but it's getting darkish already and not quite 4 pm but it's getting chilly, so I think I'll be off, and hopefully catch up with a few more friends later, Have a lovely week, hugs to Wile-e, from Tango and Ruby. X,

  7. Hi Arlene thank you for visiting , yes I usually walk Wile-e after his dinner about 4pm . Sometimes he wants his dins earlier as he lets me know. These dark nights yuk . Hope you are having a grand week, hugs to you and Ruby And Tango. ps Where has Pen gone I hope all is ok there xx