Sunday, 20 March 2011

Sunny Sunday..

So Lucky this week had four glorious days so far. Gives you that good all round feeling to want to get up and go. I did yesterday the garden yes I know that wasn't very far . I pottered round cleared my old plant pots and filled them up with compost. Cleared out two hanging baskets ready for my new flowers, I will start off the seeds which I will do today. Had to wait till the weather improved so I could work on them outside, and wash all the old trays from last year.

The Geese are still undecided it seems , have been here a couple of times this week. But no sign of them today. In fact there are only 3 sets of ducks ,couples that is and a nesting Moorhen. The Baby Moorhens are probably due in April sometime. They usually have three lots of baby's, and they make wonderful doting parents. So looks to be a fairly busy time on the Pond this year. Looking over to the right hand side of the back window I noticed some more yellow flowers , just can't think what they are called, maybe Arlene will recognise them. Very pretty it didn't do much at all last year, so there it just goes to show you, and with all that hard frost we had over winter.
Well must get outside I did say I was going to get my seedtrays organised, I better get going. Hope you all have a lovely Sunday, it's 53F here at the moment, with a little cool breeze.
Catch you Later..:)


  1. Lovely times working outside. I can't wait for it to really warm up a bit here. The flowers are beautiful.


  2. Blessings.......
    I love to exprience gardens but I am afraid I am one of those people who only love the end result with a passion and not all the blood sweat and tears it take to get it that way. I am simply dispassionate about it, not my cup of tea. I admire what you can produce with your hands.

    Thanks for the visit, a pleasure as always.
    Enjoy your week ahead.

  3. I managed to get some gardening done yesterday too, lovely to have some nice weather, I hope it stays with us for a while :) The flowers in your top photo look like winter flowering Jasmine to me but I could be wrong!Lovely to catch up with your blog, looking forward to seeing photos of the baby moorhens later :)

  4. Hi Sheila, caught you blogging at last, I've popped in a couple of times, now you've sneaked one over on me, Are the flowers you don't recognise the ones at the top , surely not the daffs. but the top looks like Forsythia, it's a shrub.
    I'm hoping to make a real start on the garden shortly, I think I'll bog about it as it'll take up too much space here. lovely to hear from you, hope all the quacking family come through the breeding season without mishap