Thursday, 17 February 2011

Little Snowdrops and things.

Well it's been a lovely day here so far especially after yesterday, pretty dull and rained all day. Lucky for me I had a lunch date with my old friend, so headed for the Local Restaurant. We both had a roast dinner consisting of roast beef roast potatoes and fresh seasonal vegetables. Deli sh!We didn't stay out too long as she had to get back, family matters.
Oh it's so nice to catch up and have a natter...
Arlene I have tried to get on your post today and left a comment, but I don't think it worked.I will try again later. I thought I would just mention this as it's not the first time it's happened to me.
About 7am this morning I heard a couple of Geese flying over the house heading towards my Pond. I ventured up a little later and they were checking the place out. It's been a few years now since they nested here on the pond, so I will just have to wait and see. For those of you who haven't seen a baby gosling up close , you could be in luck fingers crossed.
Enjoy the rest of your day take care and stay happy.


  1. I am so longing to see spring flowers. Thank you for sharing yours with us. I will be looking forward to seeing the photo of a baby gosling.


  2. Hi |Sheila, I'm trying not to blog, such a chatterbox I am, and visit more, well I have blogged, but am keeping my promise to visit too, my little pool of friends are getting smaller, but TBH it might be a good thing as I just can't keep up with too many, and I do like to try and get back to people who've been kind enough to leave a comment.
    I sa some crocuses yesterday, but I can't find my snowdrops in one part of the garden! My Camellias buds are starting to swell, goody perhaps Spring is sprunging [?]
    I do hope the geese are going to settle on your pond as I'd love to see a baby gosling. The birds round here are getting frisky and are chasing each other around, I'm a bit worried about some of my bushes, as I pruned them last year and they haven't thickened up yet, so maybe some birds will miss out on nesting areas, I feel a bit bad about it.
    Now I could have blogged this comment couldn't I ? I did say I was a chatterbox. hee, hee. thanks for your support and visits. Scratches behind the ears for Will-ee

  3. Hi Sheila, thanks for visiting my two blogs, wow! no many visit this'n'that despite me pushing it.
    Your plants will be OK they're still wearing their winter clothes as yet, and it won't matter if they get trashed, when the spring comes they'll cast them off and don their new ones. or most of them.
    I used to belong to a couple of gardening websites, they were very useful, but afraid I just don't get time now

  4. Hi Sheila, just dropping to to say hello for once on your Blogspot site... I've noted your request for a Poem about Bees and it's in the pipeline.. ;-) Half completed but needs some adjustment.
    Hugs and woofs to you and Wile-e, from me and Her Maj...xx

  5. Thank you dear Pen look forward to that one, you are indeed a little star. Hope your Monday is a good one thank you for popping over. Hugs Sheilax

  6. Hi Sheila, thanks for stopping by my thisnthat blogspot, and I hope you had a nice day at the coast, with good weather thrown in

  7. Lovely Snowdrops Sheila, and Oh I so hope the Geese decide to stop and nest on your Pond, that would be lovely ... Hugs to you my Friend xx Im catching up on Blogger at last. xx

  8. Hi Sheila, Hope you are having a wonderful weekend. I spent the morning reading, and drinking my morning coffee in bed, and it felt so good just to be quiet, and do some reading.:)

    I enjoyed your post, and it was so nice to see the Snowdrops, as in flowers, instead of the other stuff that falls from the sky! Ha!

    I also love hearing about your pond, and I really hope you have a family of little goslings this year. Nesting time is always a delight, and I hope my swans nest in the same place this year as I so enjoy them, along with all the ducks, and geese, and other birds. Spring is such an wonderful, and energizing time of the year. I say, "Bring it on. " :)
    Well I had better go have something to eat and get on with my day.
    Take care Sheila.
    xx's Dianne :)

  9. Blessings......

    Just stopped by to say hello. Good luck with the geese watch.

    Stay blessed,
    enjoy the rest of your week.

  10. Hi Sheila, hope you are keeping well, I am sure your garden is showing signs of Spring by now :) xx

  11. Hi Sheila just popping in to say Hi and thanks for dropping in on my joke blog, also for admiring then new background, fun eh?
    Hope you too are having a good week end.
    Hugs to Will-e from me Tango and Ruby.

  12. Hi Sheila, just stopping by to say hello, and hope you and Will-e are having a good week.
    xx's Dianne :)