Wednesday, 9 February 2011


As I was saying sorry don't know what happened there, one minute here and the next posted oops must have pressed the wrong key.

For those of you know Sophie my Canary, she is in full singing mode these days. Here she is taking her bath in the beautiful Sunlit Window. Sorry it's not a very good shot .
It's been a mixed bag weather wise so far this week, sun and wind and rain. Temperatures not too bad at 9c / 47f compared to all that snow our friends have across the Pond. As I was saying the first sighting of that lovely little snowdrop was sure a pleasure to see.
Have a lovely day stay warm and safe and enjoy the rest of the week, :)


  1. 47 degrees, be still my beating heart. That would be like a heat wave to me. It is so very cold here that I am half afraid of going out.
    I hope this is a good day for you.


  2. Hi Sheila obviously she is feeling a little Spring in her step lol even the birds out doors this week have been chirping away merrily as the milder weather has arrived... Wet here though this week.. Hope you are well... Love Dreamwalker x

  3. I'm sorry Sheila I seem to have missed a couple of your posts, I come one day and nothing new, turn my backc and your blogging like crazy. lol
    I'd love a canary again, I had one years ago, called Rodney after Rod Stewart [!] but it didn't sing.
    I checked to see if my snowdrops were showing yet, but they're nowhere in sight, I bet the slugs got to them.