Friday, 1 April 2011

What will April Bring...

Someone mentioned the other day that I have not put any recent piccies up of my dear Wil-e. Here he is the cheeky chappie, two days ago. The weather has changed around completely
it's quite chilly today for the 1st of April, although looking back in my dairy 2010, it's much the same. I always keep a day to day dairy when I forget something or want to remember something , it's good to just go back and check on something.

I was so achieving so much in the garden until the rain came Tuesday, there's a lot to do a lot of dead wood and leaves still hidden beneath the small bushes. So I will leave that till the weekend and hope it cheers me on again, with a little sunshine. As I find things to do indoors a bit of cooking or just catching up on the cleaning. Not a favourite of mine Cleaning I mean.

Monday taking time out for a spot of lunch with my old friend, will pick her up a noon and will heading off to the restaurant . Thats the lady that fell backwards nearly on top of me as she was going up the steps, to the other restaurant last month. All was ok I caught her , mind you have you ever felt a dead weight. Phew! took some doing I can tell you, but hey they both roared with laughter afterwards. :)

Well I wonder what April will bring I do hope Joy and good things for you all , and of course good health. Take Care of yourselves and I'll catch you later.


  1. Wil-e is looking mighty fine in the new picture.
    It is cold and drizzly here today too. I am longing for a warm sunny day.


  2. Hi Sheila, I do hope that April heralds in All the Joys of Spring!... Wil-e- is looking great and well loved.. So love these breed of dogs they are so affectionate and loving.. I always remember a book at school, which was about a young boy and his pet whippet, set in Malta in the war.. A story I never forgot except the title now eludes me..
    Wishing you a Great Weekend and I hope the Sun shines as it does from your pages..
    Dreamwalker xxx

  3. Sorry to be late in replying Sheila, but as you know I was having a little break, it's nice to see Wil-e, he looks a little shy, but whippets do with those lovely big soulful eyes, don't they.
    I too have got to catch up with gardening, and painting, and also had a couple of nights out, oh dear, it's a busy life :-)
    I hope April continues what March started, nice warm[er] weather.
    Thanks millions for you welcome visits, you help keep me blogging X

  4. Hi Sheila, thought I would stop by. I love these types of dogs, they look so sleek, just beautiful.

  5. Hi again Sheila just popping in to say thanks for visiting both my blogs. lovesya X cuddles to Wil-e too.