Friday, 12 August 2011

Life and little Treat's ...

Hi everyone I hope you are all enjoying the Summer, although rain it must. Here is another picture of little Poppy my sister's dog. Getting back into the swing of things again sometimes it takes just that little bit longer.
But Wile- e and I just Love a stroll round our garden . I noticed a few days ago the black caterpillar gathering on the nettles which are always left , in the same area of the garden for these little fellows. They creep off somewhere safe and form a lovely little black chrysalis . I am not sure how long for exactly , and in turn you have the Peacock butterfly. Now isn't that just one of life's little miracle's.
Back to my Holiday at my sister's I don't know If I mentioned it , but she also has an African Grey Parrot. What A mimic quite incredible. Little Poppy below has put on a little weight since I last saw her. Well sis has a naughty habit of feeding her tit bits. Roly Poly was a regular word from Billie (the parrot) and many more besides , which had me in stitches oh soo funny quite entertaining I must say. I read in our local paper that Brat Pitt was filming here in nearby Falmouth , 60 miles from where I live . This being his latest blockbuster . So it was interesting to hear that the cast and crew where all enjoying our Cornish Pasty. 700 pasties where delivered to them to enjoy , made in the local factory in Falmouth . They then later had a further order of 500 sandwiches so that was indeed a busy day for all the staff concerned.Contributing you could say to the making of the film., to one of Hollywoods best known actor's. Yayeee..

Have a great Weekend although we have had a little drizzle the past two days looks to brighter as the weekend Approaches glad to say. :) Enjoy the little things in life it has got to bring a smile to your face :)

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  1. Your trip sounds wonderful. I always love a visit with family as it is such a happy occasion.
    Was Angelina Jolie with him???