Saturday, 9 June 2012

A Few Blooms

Just to say have a great Weekend .Here is a few 
Blooms in and around the Garden April, May and June. Second from bottom is the bit I tidied up which quickly  transforms with yellow Roses and Yellow Flowers at the base. 
Catch you Later..


  1. Your garden looks beautiful!!

    Have a wonderful time visiting with family. Stay safe.


  2. Sorry I haven't been around for a while SHeila, but what a gine treat for the eyes that greets me, The garden is looking good with a lot of colour, I'm afraid that all this wet weather has rather dampened my spirits a tad, and apart from moving the lawn and cutting out a new gravel bed, it's been indoors and painting for me. Let's all pray for some sunshine.hugs to you and Wile-e {x}

  3. Blessings....
    oooh you have a green fist! Not thumb, i think you are beyond the thumb.

    Lovely, lovely flowers/plants.

    stay blessed

  4. Blessings....
    Oh you got the magic touch and the cacti beautiful! I was at a friend in Tiny and she had a cacti with a pink flower, magnificent, of course you know i took pics.

    have a wonder filled week.

  5. This lovely little Cacti lasts only 24hours so very pretty. Thank you all for your comments lovely to hear.

  6. Hi Sheila, sorry I haven't been by for a long time, I think you know I have been busy with my daughter at home, she is now back in China for 2 months so I am catching up with my blogger friends, slowly!! Your flowers look just gorgeous, I always enjoy popping by your page, and getting poked on fb lol :) I also always appreciate the comments you leave on my page :) Love to you and Wile-e, have a great weekend xx

  7. Sheila, it appears that like me, you like wild flowers as well as the cultivated ones. Lovely photos and I really enjoyed seeing them.

  8. blessings
    oh u have a green fist, the blooms are maverlous!

    have a blessed day

  9. Sheila, your garden is just Beautiful, and I love your garden path.
    Now that is one garden path I wouldn't mind being led down. :)
    Hope to find you and Wile-e doing well. Give your beautiful and clever Wile-e a belly rub and a treat for me.Hope you are enjoying your summer.
    Have a wonderful weekend ahead and thank you for stopping by.
    Dianne :)