Tuesday, 27 November 2012

November Drawing To A Close

Top of My Garden 

November has passed by almost.. the Sun is setting Lower in the Sky.
This weekend is set to get Colder , after all the Heavy Downpours across the South West England. 
Lots of Homes and Workplaces have been flooded, and we have had up to 190 Flood Warnings, around the Country.  With a Loss of Life also. 
 We are pretty high up where we live and have managed to escape any threat. 
My Prayers go out to all these unfortunate People that have been flooded.


  1. Floods are absolutely horrible. Glad you managed to stay safe!

  2. The photos are beautiful!!

    I hope the floods quit and your county is safe. xx

  3. Love your photo Sheila. I am so sorry to hear about all the flooding going on. I hope things improve for all concerned.
    It has been a dry year, and our lakes, and streams are way down. We didn't get hardly any snow last winter, and it was a very dry Spring, Summer and Fall. Hopefully it will be a more weather balance 2013. My goodness it is hard to believe how fast this year has flown by.

    I just came from your new blog, and I was thrilled to see your beautiful new companion. That us such good news. You are both very Blessed to have each other.

    Take care and stay safe and I hope and pray the flooding comes to an end soon.
    Hugs, Dianne :)

  4. The flooding there has been in our Canadian news. How fortunate that you live on higher ground.

  5. I am sorry Sheila, I missed this as I had such a lot of emails to catch up on this slipped down the list. However, I do love your photo , very ethereal. I'm so glad you were safe from the floods, it's bad enough seeing them on TV but worse still when you know the people concerned. Cameron shouldn't be sending one single penny in aid to foreign countries till our own people and flood defences are well and truly sorted.
    It has got colder as you said it would. hate, hate, hate it.
    Hugs to Lucy, she'll need her coat on for walks. Take care XXX

    1. I to feel the Cold a lot more than I used to Arlene brrr. Lucy is a happy little soul hope to take her to the Beach soon, think Wednesday looks to be a good day here.

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  7. Lovely sky you've caught from your garden. Floods are so dangerous, glad you're safe!