Wednesday, 3 October 2012


I travelled by car to visit my sister , outer London 210 miles one way. It was a good journey yet quite busy on the roads funny enough. This time of year it tends to be much quieter on that route. My sister and hubby where planning a short break , so asked me if I would look after their pets. Consisting of one African Parrot, 3 gold fish, 2 tiny hamsters oh and Poppy one slightly over weight Terrier/ cross. Rather spoilt so was wondering how she would behave with me... Well I needn't have worried one iota , we got on very well .
The weather stayed quite pleasant that week, as on returning it changed for the worst.

My Begonia are doing very well they just keep on and on, above lovely red. 
I am in the middle of planting Daffodil bulb's around the perimeter . It just came to me don't know why I didn't think of it before. So lots and lots of bulb's to go in yet, planted around 40 so far, mixed variety's . I purchased a tool with a long handle so I wouldn't have to do so much bending , wonderful. Makes all the difference . 
The pink plant was given to me by my sister , very pretty and also doing well in the conservatory. A primrose I do believe.

Thank you for your visits and your warm thoughts much appreciated . Have a lovely week looks to be a wet one here with sunny spells.

Oh the last picture was a visit I made to A local Pony Sanctuary , it was a Beautiful day earlier this year. 


  1. Your flowers are so pretty...

    I am glad you got on so well with your sister's pets. She has quite an assorted collection of them.

  2. Beautiful flowers. I'll look forward, God willing, to your Daffodils. So glad you and sister's pets got along well.

  3. Blessings.....
    your Begonia is great. Nice you had a visit with family.

  4. Beautiful :D *New Follower*

  5. So very pretty! Love the waterscape as well. Thank you for sharing at Rural Thursdays. xo

  6. Arrgh the Begonia's are now drying out and the garden is winding down now Sheila, Hope you are well my friend, and thank you for calling by my friend.. Have a good weekend.... Sue x

  7. Just stopping by to say hello and how are you? It is always nice to see all your Beautiful flowers. Looking forward to seeing all your lovely daffodils in the Spring.
    Nice you got away to visit family, and all those lovely critters. I am sure they all loved you and got even a bit more spoiled while you pet sat.
    Hope to find you well.
    Take care Sheila, and have a lovely weekend.
    Hugs from across the pond.
    Dianne :)

  8. They have quite a menagerie! Glad you got along with them well. Pretty flower pics!

  9. Your begonias are indeed doing well! Your daffodils will be such a joy come spring!

  10. Lovely photos ~ it's November here and starting to get cold ~ (A Creative Harbor) ^_^

  11. Would be fun to "babysit" such a collection of critters. Lovely flowers!

  12. oooh you flower are lovely, you know i am an admirer of your green thumb.

    gal you were able to visit with your sis.

    have a splendid week

  13. Pretty photos, Sheila! I like the last one. I'd love to visit a pony sanctuary!

    Thanks for visiting my blog :) Have a happy weekend!